Beef Roasts for Fall

Kevin C.Fall is here, and it is my favorite season of the year. I really enjoy the different colors and different aroma in the air when you walk outside in the morning. The changing colors of the trees and the farmers harvesting their fields means that winter is just around the corner. Continue reading “Beef Roasts for Fall”

Mexican Street Corn and Certified Hereford Beef Tri-tip on the Grill - Family, Friends & Food with Jayne

Next week is July 4th and it is my very favorite holiday. I love the weather and all the fun that comes along with this time of year. Getting together with family and friends is got to be the best. Continue reading “Mexican Street Corn and Certified Hereford Beef Tri-tip on the Grill”

Weekly Ad Recipe – Tri-Tip Fillet

Tri-Tip FilletTri-Tip is a great cut of meat for grilling or stir-frying. I have tried several marinades with this type of meat and I think the best is the Southwestern or Asian flavors.


– 1-2 Lb.    Whole Tri-Tip
– Coborn’s Prime Rib Seasoning
– Olive Oil


Rub entire tri-tip with olive oil. Season all sides of the tri-tip generously with Coborn’s prime rib seasoning. Place on the grill at medium heat to sear, approximately 4 minutes per side. Move to 300°F indirect heat. Cook until internal temperature reaches 145°F, approximately 20-30 minutes. Allow to rest 10 minutes. Slice thin starting from narrow end of tip carving width wise or against the grain so you have small pieces of meat.
Makes 3-4 Servings

Suggested Wine Pairing

Punto Final MalbecPunto Final Malbec

Tri-Tip Fillet Recipe
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