Homemade Bathroom Cleaner Spray

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How to make DIY Homemade Bathroom Cleaner Spray with Essential Oils - www.cobornsblog.comWhen I started making my own natural products for around my home, one of the hardest things for me to give up was my bleach-filled bathroom cleaner.  I knew how many germs gathered in the bathroom and I wanted to make sure that every time I cleaned it, they were GONE.   With this homemade cleaner, I feel just as confident that the germs are gone and it is great for sinks, toilets and showers and, the best part, no harmful chemicals! No more need to wear thick gloves or leave the bathroom window open and only clean when the kids are clear of the area due to toxic fumes.  In fact, now the kids can HELP with cleaning the bathroom!

Get it at Coborn’s

For this blog I used Veriditas Essential Oils from Coborn’s. Veriditas are Certified Organic and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, conveniently sold at your local grocery store. In fact, I purchased all of the items for this blog at Coborn’s. From the Veriditas Essential Oils to the Empty Spray Bottle. You will typically find all of these items in the Natural Foods Department, however some Coborn’s stores have their natural and organic items integrated throughout the grocery store, so just ask an employee if you need some help. The distilled water is by the bottled water and I found the spray bottle by the brooms and other cleaners.

Helpful Hints

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You can also Click Here and print a label for your bottle. Simply open the file and print on Avery 42395 labels and stick to your bottle, or if you want to be crafty, you can cut around the shape to make it really cute.

In the recipe below it calls for 15 drops orange and 15 drops lemon. I actually use 8 drops of each. It is really your own preference, do what smells best to you.

Also note that depending on the size of your spray bottle, you may be able to double this recipe for twice as much cleaner!

Homemade Bathroom Cleaner Spray
  • 2 Cups Distilled Water
  • 1 T. Super Washing Soda
  • 3 T. Liquid Castile Soap
  • 15 Drops Veriditas Good Samaritan Essential Oil
  • 15 Drops Orange and/or Lemon Essential Oil
  • Empty Spray Bottle
  1. Pour distilled water into a large bowl
  2. Add Super Washing Soda.
  3. Quickly stir together to dissolve Super Washing Soda.
  4. Mix in the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Pour mixture into an empty spray bottle.
  6. Shake before each use.

Happy Cleaning!

Coborn’s, Inc. Senior Administrative Assistant

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DIY Kids' Caddy for School Supplies

DIY Kids' Caddy for School Supplies - www.cobornsblog.com

www.cobornsblog.com - Crafty Creations with Lynell

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Back to school!

My grandkids are headed back to school and I was thinking about what I could make to help them prepare. They love to come in my art room and play with all my stuff, so I had made totes for them a while ago. Well, they have become too heavy and now they aren’t that cool. The kids always seem to need crayons, markers, glue etc., so I thought  it would be nice to make a caddy that they can put all of their supplies in to carry to the table, breakfast nook, or wherever we want. So with a little imagination and some help from my hubby, this is what I came up with.

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DIY Kids' Caddy for School Supplies
  • 6 Tin Cans (I used vegetable cans)
  • 1 Block of Wood (9.5” x 6” x 1”)
  • Spray Paint (I used white & blue)
  • 6 - 1 ½” Screws
  • Handle with 2 Screws (I painted this red)
  • 6 Different Rolls of Duct Tape, 2” wide (2 with patterns, 4 solids)
  • ½”-1” Styrofoam
  1. Remove the can labels and wash the cans with soap and water, using a bottle brush or dishwasher to get all the food particles out of cans. Paint will only stick on clean, dry cans. If the cans have any sharp edges, very carefully push down any sharp spots with a screw driver.
  2. Spray paint the tin cans, inside and out.
  3. Measure out the wood, then cut it and sand the edges.
  4. Spray paint the wood blue and allow them to dry overnight.
  5. After they are dry, spray paint everything with a second coat, again allowing them to dry overnight.
  6. The next day, turn them upside down and spray paint the bottom, allowing them dry overnight.
  7. Repeat the next day to add a second coat to the bottom, allowing them to dry overnight.
  8. Select 2 patterned and 4 solid-colored duct tapes, one for each can.
  9. On each tin can, find the rough seam that goes down the side where the label would be glued. At that seam, affix a piece of tape and go all the way around the base of the can. With a second strip of the same pattern tape, make a second stripe to cover the top half of the can.
  10. Place 2 solid cans on one side of the wood with a patterned can in the middle.
  11. Repeat step 10 on the opposite side.
  12. Drill 1 hole in each can near the seam about a half-inch from the base. Then screw the can into the base of the board at an angle. (They may wobble, but this is okay)
  13. Add the handle on the top of the wood by screwing the 2 screws into the wood.
  14. After you attach the cans onto the wood, a little paint may chip off, so very carefully spray the screws.You can hold up a piece of paper near it as a shield so paint does not get onto anything else.
  15. You can put a little Styrofoam into the base of a few cans so crayons will stick up a little bit and not fall in.
To save a little money you could purchase only two rolls of duct tape and alternate around your caddy.

I hope the kids in your life have a great school year and have fun with their new Kids’ Caddy!

– Lynell
Coborn’s, Inc. Graphic Designer

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www.cobornsblog.com - Crafty Creations by Lynell

Wedding Survival Kit

Wedding Survival Kit - #PracticalGiftGIving - www.cobornsblog.com

Holly - Practial Party Planning - www.cobornsblog.com

It seems like all of my friends are getting married. So it is bridal shower after bachelorette party after wedding. That means a lot of fun and a lot of gift giving. Buying something off of the registry is nice, you know it is what they want and there is always a gift receipt in case they get a duplicate, but I like to be a bit more creative with my gift giving and a bit practical too.

I am what you call a BTDT Bride, Been There, Done That. I have been a Maid-of-Honor, Bridesmaid, Personal Attendant and even a Bride myself. So, I feel like I kind of have a sense of what it takes to make it through the day. The practical gift I am going to share with you is the “Wedding Survival Kit”.


Wedding Survival Kit - #FreePrintables #PracticalGiftGIving - www.cobornsblog.comThe kit includes almost everything that a Bride would need in a pinch on her wedding day, and of course, I bought it all at Coborn’s… and Coborn’s Liquor! And, got it all for less than $30! You could really go crazy on what you want to put in here, but I wanted to keep mine small, compact and filled with the essentials.

I also made a fun “Wedding Survival Kit” top that you can attach to your kit container. I used a Food Club 76 fl. oz. reusable large rectangle container; this should also fit the Ziploc containers too. Click here to print the cover. Along with the cover, I printed an “In Case of Emergency” phone list. In case the bride needs to call the photographer, DJ, reception hall, etc., phone numbers are on this list and at her fingertips.  Click here to print the “In Case of Emergency” list. Now, here is a list of what I put in my gift!

Hair Supplies

  1. Comb
  2. Travel Size Hair Spray
  3. Bobby Pins

Personal Care

  1. Dental Pics
  2. Breath Mints
  3. Travel Size Deodorant
  4. Manicure Kit
  5. Band-Aids
  6. Hand Sanitizer


  1. Rolaids (After all Rolaids spell relief)
  2. Pain Relief Pills
  3. Two mini bottles of liquor

Just in case

  1. Travel Pack Shout Wipes
  2. Sewing Kit complete with mini scissors and safety pins
  3. Lighter (There are typically candles and not enough lighters)

Because it’s a Crazy Day

  1. Two power bars (You will need the energy for this marathon)
  2. Tissues (Because someone is going to cry)
  3. A photo of the Happy Couple (Because sometimes you need to be reminded what this day is actually about)

Some other things you could add to your emergency kit would be: cell phone charger, compact mirror, her favorite candy, lotion, tampons, or just hit up the travel size aisle at Coborn’s, there is always good stuff there!

All joking aside, I think this is a really great gift. It shows that you care for the bride, put some thought into the gift and it is something she can actually use. So be creative, be practical and be thoughtful, this gift is sure to please any bride-to-be.

Coborn’s, Inc. Social Media/Creative Specialist

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www.cobornsblog.com - Practical Party Planning with Holly


Holiday Food Safety Tool Kit

www.cobornsblog.com - Holiday Food Safety Tool Kit

www.cobornsblog.com - Coborn's Food Safety Coordinator, Kim
Coborn’s Food
Safety Coordinator
Kim K.

Hi! It’s been a while since I blogged…..I am happy to share with you today, just in time for your holiday celebrations, a “Food Safety Tool Kit”. As a Food Safety Professional (and self proclaimed “food safety geek”) these types of helpful hints are exciting to see! This tool kit is very much in line with my food safety “Recipe for Success” and covers the four key areas of Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill. I want to pick an item or two from each section to highlight here for you today. Remember to bring the entire Food Safety Tool Kit with you when doing your holiday grocery shopping! Or pin this blog on Pinterest so you can have it at your fingertips whenever you need.


Clean sponges

Typically I do not like to recommend sponges as they can be harborage areas and vehicles for re-contaminating surfaces with bacteria. For those who like to use sponges, it is important to remember these should be clean. If used to wipe up raw meat/poultry juices, these should not be used to clean surfaces that will be used to prepare ready to eat food. Buy sponges that can withstand being washed in the dishwasher after use or even the washing machine. Leaving a sponge to sit on the edge of the sink without being cleaned first is just an invitation for bacterial growth. We do not want these unwanted guests at our holiday celebrations!

Brush for cleaning fruits and vegetables

The important thing to remember here is that fresh fruits and vegetables do need to be cleaned prior to preparation. The majority of fresh fruits and vegetables sold in the Produce department have not been washed unless they are labeled as such, for example, bagged lettuce, which does not need to be washed again. Fresh fruits and vegetables have the potential to contain harmful bacteria on the outside. Produce items with a firm outer surface (potatoes, squash, apples, etc) can be scrubbed with a brush under cool running water. Other softer items like berries should be placed in a colander under cool running water and gently tossed or rubbed with your fingers to wash away the bacteria which may be present.


Two clean cutting boards

Using separate cutting boards for raw meat/poultry items and cleaned fruits/vegetables allows for another barrier of protection. If thoroughly washed, one cutting board should work; however, as I stated, two allows for clear separation of raw and ready to eat items. The cutting board used for raw meat/poultry should not be used for the fully cooked meat/poultry item unless effectively cleaned first. Here is where a third cutting board could be helpful or using the cleaned cutting board used for the ready to eat fruits/vegetables – again, provides an extra barrier of protection.


Accurate food thermometer

When cooking, especially raw meat/poultry items, it is important to have an accurate thermometer to ensure the proper safe internal temperature is reached. So, how does one know if their food thermometer is accurate?? One quick and easy way is to fill a cup with ice, then with water. Place the food thermometer into the “ice water bath” and let the temperature stabilize. If the temperature reads 32F, it is reading accurately. If not, a little math may need to be used when assessing the final cooked temperature by adjusting either up or down depending on what the thermometer registered. For example, if the thermometer read 36F rather than 32F, when cooking your turkey which needs to reach 165°F, it should be cooked to 169F to factor in the difference. Sometimes it might be easier to buy a new thermometer! Some thermometers do allow for re-adjusting the thermometer to 32°F. Digital thermometers seem to be best at maintaining accuracy.


Shallow containers with lids for leftovers

It is VERY important to chill leftovers in a timely manner. Do not allow foods to sit out for more than 2 hours. When cooling leftovers, place in a shallow pan. This disperses the surface area allowing for the food to cool quicker. Remember to either leave the lid off or adequately vented to allow the food to effectively cool. Lids can be placed on tightly once the food is completely cooled.

I hope this Food Safety Shopping List proves valuable to you this holiday season! I wish you delicious and safe eating – enjoy!!

Coborn’s Food Safety Coordinator

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