How to Incorporate Flax Seed into Your Diet

A Natural Approach with Cheryl -

First a little tutorial about flax seeds… Flax is a super seed grown mostly in Canada, North Dakota and South Dakota. Minnesota and Wisconsin also produce flax.

Canada is the leading producer of brown flax seed and the Dakota’s tend to produce more of the golden flax. There is little difference in the two colors but many prefer the gold because it is easier to sneak into recipes, the brown is more visible in those muffins! Continue reading “How to Incorporate Flax Seed into Your Diet”

Gotta Love A Granny Smith

Granny Smith apples are one of the most deliciously versatile apples the world have ever known! Kids love them fresh out of hand (Not to mention covered in caramel candy) while chefs and bakers love their citrus tart flavor, which is ideal for a wide variety of recipes. They are not only tasty but they are quite the social apple. According to our research, there are more people tweeting about Granny Smiths than any other variety! Continue reading “Gotta Love A Granny Smith”

Cool Drinks for Hot Days

Great Drink Recipes

Summer is the time for any and all outdoor activity whether it be a sports game or hanging out in your own backyard. Staying hydrated and refreshed throughout these hot summer months is important and we’ve selected a few sweet beverages to help you keep cool. Continue reading “Cool Drinks for Hot Days”

Eating Healthy

Chances are you’re one of the many people vowing to eat healthier this year. It can be easy to say or write down as a goal – and it doesn’t have to be tough to get started.

First – fill your plates with vegetables! Bright colors and dark green vegetables are beautiful to look at and they’re packed with vitamins you need to feel good. You’ll also feel fuller, longer if you eat lots of vegetables thanks to how much fiber they have!

Are you a serious snacker? Keep fresh or dried fruit nearby to help you keep from grabbing cookies or chips to eat. Try using hummus or low-fat yogurt as a dip to give you something even more satisfying between meals. Continue reading “Eating Healthy”