Fresh Meal Planning (04/23-04/29)

4/23/17 Coborn's Meal Plan -

We have another great week filled a wonderful and tasty variety of meals for you. Weather you make them on the grill, stove or a slow cooker, these meals are sure to win over the whole family!

How it works:

While following along with this week’s meal planning blog, please keep in mind that your grocery list may vary slightly from ours depending on what you need for this week’s meals or what you do not already have on hand that we do from previously meal planning creations, as well as diet restrictions or alterations to our recipes. Reminder that we also calculate the average prices for items based on the weekly ad for all locations or with prices averaged out from However, this week of meal planning is sure to give you 7 meals for a family of 4 all for under $75! That’s an awesome amount of savings! Read on to see what we have prepared for you this week!

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Enjoy Your Summer

Let’s face it, this summer is going to feel pretty short after the winter and spring we’ve had in Minnesota. Do you really want to be spending any more time than you have to worrying about groceries? No! You want to be with the kids at the park, taking an extra turn around the lake on your boat, biking just a little bit longer or just hanging out in your yard.  The average trip to the grocery store is about 20 minutes – and that doesn’t include the time it took you to get to the store and home again. Continue reading “Enjoy Your Summer”