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Next week is July 4th and it is my very favorite holiday. I love the weather and all the fun that comes along with this time of year. Getting together with family and friends is got to be the best. Continue reading “Mexican Street Corn and Certified Hereford Beef Tri-tip on the Grill”

Prime Rib

Kevin C.In the past, the only time a person ate Prime Rib was at a very special occasion, or you went out to a fine restaurant. Now, you don’t have to wait for that special occasion, we have Prime Rib ready for you everyday. In fact, we have even made it easy for you, we fully cook our Prime Rib to make your time in the kitchen minimal and easy to give you more time relax and unwind after a busy day or week. Our Fully Cooked Prime Rib will deliver a top-quality eating experience every time. Continue reading “Prime Rib”

Make the BEST for your Valentine

Make the best for your Valentine - - Family, Friends & Food with Jayne

Valentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away and it is coming up quickly. I want to be prepared for it so I’m starting to plan now. It’s time to show the people in our lives how much we love them.

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Prime Rib & Crab Legs Great Valentine Dinner!

Coborn's Blog: How to make Prime Rub & Crab Legs

Well it is only a few days away from celebrating Valentine’s Day with my honey and I have my meal planned out. This year we are spending the evening at home with a quick easy meal.

I’m so excited because I discovered a new item in the Meat Service Counter at Coborn’s and it is going to be perfect for my Valentine’s Day dinner. I have always been intimidated at the thought of cooking prime rib and I didn’t want to purchase an entire roast because it is just the two of us so can you believe Coborn’s has pre-cooked prime rib and they sell it by the slice? Whoo hooo!

Well here is how easy it is to make… normally my husband does the grilling and I guess it is some kind of ritual for him but I look at it this way; it is one less thing for me to worry about. He throws it on the grill and it usually takes about 7 minutes on each side and it is ready to go or you can do what I’m going to do (because I’m not nuts enough to stand outside in this cold weather) and place the prime rib in a glass baking dish and bake in a 375 degree oven. The prime rib was about an inch thick and it took about 20 minutes to heat through. Don’t forget the au jus for dipping either!

Coborn's Blog: How to make Crab LegsCoborn's Blog: How to remove membrane from crab legs so you can pull out full piece of crab meat.Then along with the prime rib I can’t forget to serve our favorite… crab legs!! Here is where the easy really comes in. When purchasing the crab legs I plan on 1 pound per person. The crab legs are fully cooked so back on the grill or in boiling water for 10 minutes these little legs go for a quick warm up.
Here is a tip I want to pass on to all of you that I learned at a little seaside restaurant in San Francisco. First pull the membrane out between the joint of the leg, slowly. Then break the leg in half. Once you do this the meat slides out perfectly.

One other little hint; if you love cilantro or basil just add a little sprinkle or two to your melted butter for some wonderful flavor. Don’t forget to serve some wine or sparkling water and you have the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner.

Coborn's Blog: Friends, Family & Food with Jayne

Enjoy…I did!

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Tips for Cooking Meat

Fire up your grill – April 27 is National Prime Rib Day! Oftentimes, people think of prime rib as a designation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), meaning the meat is Prime Grade. In fact, the word “Prime” refers to the most desirable part of the rib section of the beef, regardless of its USDA Grade.

Whether cooking prime rib inside or out, there are a few tips to help your beef turn out tender and juicy. The first is to remove the bones to allow your meat to brown on all sides. In addition, the coat of paste you use to cover your prime rib, a mix of oil, herbs, and spices, will help you create a flavorful crust. Continue reading “Tips for Cooking Meat”