Upcycled Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls – 5 Ways

Upcycled Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls - 5 Ways cobornsblog.com


We all have waited for Spring and with Easter coming I thought I would do a few crafts using Fiora Toilet Paper Rolls. We all have the empty rolls so why not have some fun and use them.

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Funeral Flowers

From flowers to statues, what should you send to a funeral?

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 What is the right thing to send?

What do you send to someone who has lost someone they love and care for? We suggest that you send something that you feel the family would like and something that you can say you were proud to see at the funeral home or church. In the past, funeral arrangements looked a lot the same, and very traditional. Now when we take a funeral order we ask the sender if they’d like something traditional or nontraditional and 75% of the people pick nontraditional. People are choosing stepping stones and angels and creating something that the grieving family can have as a keepsake.

Work within your budget

Most people have a price point in mind relating to what they’d like to send. So if you want to spend $30.00-$35.00 we would suggest a plant, anything in the $40.00 range and up and we can do a really nice fresh arrangement. Sometimes the sender wants to know what has been sent by others already so they can send something different. Everyone is different, and we work with everyone to make sure they get what they want.

We can help you at Coborn’s Floral

Working with the families planning the funeral can be very tough and rewarding at the same time. Some families want to have everything that was loved by the deceased represented somehow. In that case we do the best we can and suggest that the person ordering the arrangement bring in some personal items. Again there is no right or wrong way to celebrate the life of your loved ones.

A comment we once had from a guest that I will always remember is: “When I walked into the funeral home I saw this beautiful piece from the back of the room, it was a unique design. I was hoping the whole time as I was waiting to get to the front, that it would be the one I sent….and it was!” She was so happy and the family members all wanted to take that same piece home with them. The guest and the family were happy, and I was too. That is the experience I want all of our customers to have. So it doesn’t matter if you’re consoling the grieving family or if you are part of the grieving family, we can help you. We will make it as easy as possible to make the celebration of life perfect for everyone. We encourage you to ask questions, because planning a funeral is hard and we can make it just a little easier if we know what you want.

So in conclusion, work within your budget and send something that you feel good about and something that honors your lost loved one in the best way possible.

Coborn’s Floral Manager, Sauk Rapids, MN

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