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Mother’s Day is a few weeks away and I don’t know about you but my favorite way of celebrating Mother’s Day is at the lake especially if it is a beautiful Minnesota spring day! By the time Mother’s Day is here I have the spring-cleaning done at the cabin, the patio furniture is out at the lake and the outside fireplace is working. The dock is in along with the boat and I’m ready anytime for summer weather. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Drink Recipes”

DIY Mother's Day Cupcakes! - Learn how to frost cupcakes like a pro. Great gift for Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, wouldn’t it be nice to make her a gift? Even better, an edible gift? Your mom is such a nice lady I bet she would even share with you. I have a little project for you. With a little patience and a steady hand you’ll be sure to impress her. Cupcakes, that look like big flowers! - Learn how to frost cupcakes like a pro. Great gift for Mother's Day!

These little beauties are pretty simple to make once you get the technique down. If you have a few decorating supplies, great! If you don’t, no worries, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for you.

First you’ll need to bake some cupcakes. I used 10 cupcakes in my final project. I also used 2 lbs of buttercream frosting. For 10 cupcakes I colored about 1 ½ pounds of frosting pink and the rest I colored green. I’m going to be using 2 decorating tips, a 352 leaf tip and large pastry tip 825. Don’t forget 2 bags for piping. If you don’t have tips you can try a DIY method with plastic baggies, but we’ll get to that later.

Before we get to the project let’s go over the technique. To make the flower, it looks like a simple rose, you will draw a curly swirl on top of your cupcake. Now normally when doing this you would start on the outside and swirl your way in, like a soft serve ice cream cone. In this case you want to start in the middle and work your way out, making sure to finish your swirl by overlaping the end of your frosting coil on top of the frosting pile. The center should be lower than the outside edge. - Learn how to frost cupcakes like a pro. Great gift for Mother's Day! - How to make a leaf with frosting using a leaf tip and pastry bag.

To make it look even better add a few leaves to the side. If you haven’t used the type of leaf tip I’m using, it’s simple to figure it out. I like it more than the “w” shaped leaf tips. Just think of the little “V” shaped tip as a bird beak, hold it so it looks like one and squeeeeeeze.. pull… A leaf!

Now, if you don’t have any tips to decorate with, don’t panic, you can still make something nice for your mom, and she’ll be so impressed with her clever child. You are going to need a baggie, thicker plastic works well, I used a freezer bag. I also wrapped a little tape on the end to help the bag keep it’s shape, that’s most important for piping the leaves.

For the flower part, snip off the corner of the baggie. I went in about a half inch and then cut a triangle off. Once you do that, start piping just like we did with the tips. - Frost a cupcake like a pro with just a plastic freezer bag.

Yes, it doesn’t look as fancy, but that’s still a pretty nice looking cupcake.

To make the leaves you prepare a plastic baggie the same way as above, but this time you snip out a small “V” shape.  When you pipe the leaves, it’s the same as with a tip. Try a few first. When held correct you’ll get a flat leaf. - Make a leaf out of frosting with just a plastic bag and frosting. No special tip required!

Once you practice a few you’ll be ready to make a whole edible bouquet for your dear Mom. For my project I’m going to make a nice little heart shaped cupcake cake. It’s simple, just find a pretty tray or plate and arrange your cupcakes.  If you are worried about them moving around on a car ride you can put a little blob of frosting to hold them in place. - Keep your cupcakes from moving from side to side by adding a dab of frosting to the bottom!I like to ice my cupcakes after I have them where I want them. But you can do it before plating them too. Don’t forget to add those little leaves for that extra pizzazz. - Learn how to create these beautiful cupcakes on your own!

Once you’ve got this down you can find all sorts of fun ways to decorate your cakes. Angel food! Sheet cakes! Round cakes! Mini cupcakes! The world is your cake and you are equipped to ice it.  For your mother, of course. - Learn two simple techniques and you can create these cakes at home!

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Recipes for Mother's Day

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Best Meals for Mother’s Day

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” (Author Unknown) May 13 is Mother’s Day this year and we want to help you treat the Mom in your life to a special meal! Making a meal for Mom doesn’t need to be fancy – it really is the thought that counts. That said, here are some of our favorite meals to make for Mother’s Day.

Scones for Mother’s Day

Keep things simple with scones that include a healthy dose of greek yogurt. These Strawberry Scones are easy to make for brunch – kids will love helping stir the batter!

Quick Quiche Recipe

If you’re looking for a savory dish for Mother’s Day – how about this easy quick quiche recipe? You just whisk a few ingredients together, pour into a prepared pie crust and bake. While it’s in the oven you can cut up some fruit, fry some bacon and make a great pot of coffee.

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Mom's Best Advice

This weekend we’ll take a moment to say thanks to a pretty important person – Mom.

This week we’d love to know about the best advice your mom gave you. Was it about being a parent? Something about your career and dreams? Drive a stick shift? Maybe it’s as simple as how to fold a fitted sheet or how to make that favorite family recipe. Leave us a comment here on the blog about the best advice you got from your mom. On Friday we’ll pick one person at random to win a $50 gift card to CobornsDelivers.  We can’t wait to read what you learned from your mom!