DIY Backyard Dinner Party

DIY Backyard Dinner Party - Family, Friends & Food with Jayne

Well the evening has finally arrived for my son’s Groom’s Dinner and I wanted to invite you along to take a sneak peak into this evening’s event! You were there with us through the Bridal Shower video in May, so I wanted to share the ideas with you that I came up with for the Grooms Dinner. I really took the time to plan this out because I wanted to make this event extremely special for my son and his future bride – My soon to be daughter-in-law!! Continue reading “DIY Backyard Dinner Party”

Great Recipes for Your Oscar Party


Oscar Party Menus

This Sunday, Hollywood will honor the best in movies from the past year. Whether you’re hoping “The Artist” wins it all, that “The Muppets” win Best Song, or that you’re cheering for the cast of “The Help” to take home Oscar gold – you’ll want to have great food for your viewing party.

Movie-inspired Menus for Oscar Night

Why not take your cue from the movies being honored for your menu? Take some inspiration from “The Help” and go southern with your Oscar party food. Slow-Cooked Collard Greens, Chocolate Icebox Pie and Sweet Tea are a must for your table, paired with Fried Chicken or Macaroni and Cheese.

If you’re rooting for “Moneyball” to take home some trophies why not do a baseball-food inspired party? We have some great ideas for recreating your favorite ballpark food at home.

If you’re really ambitious – here are some amazing menus inspired by each of the Best Picture nominees. The folks at Epicurious have outdone themselves! From French fare for “Hugo” and “Midnight in Paris” to hearty English dishes for “War Horse,” the possibilities are endless. Continue reading “Great Recipes for Your Oscar Party”