Locally Grown Tulips

American Tulip Day is just around the corner and nothing says Spring quite like a bouquet of fresh Tulips! We visited our friends at Len Busch Roses, which is located in Plymouth, Minnesota, to go behind the scenes to learn how they grow their beautiful tulips! Continue reading “Locally Grown Tulips”

The Importance of Buying Local

Coborn's Blog: The Importance of Buying Local

Living in Pittsburgh, I began to go to the weekly farmer’s market in my neighborhood.  It quickly provided me with a much needed  “anchor” while living far from home. I got to know the local farmers and learn what was in season each week.

Coborn's Blog: The Importance of Buying Local. Purple Prairie Botanicals

As Natural Foods Category Manager, I have been able to provide customers with great local products.  One of my favorites is Purple Prairie Botanicals, a great line of lotions and soaps made in Clearwater, MN. This product is a great example of the impact of local and why we should all try to make it part of our buying habits. When you buy a great bottle of lotion from Purple Prairie, the money stays in our community, providing a local connection to where you money goes with each purchase.

Coborn's Blog: The Importance of Buying Local. Organic Valley

I have been fortunate enough to recently tour an Organic Valley dairy farm near Maple Lake. I met the farmers whose lives were changed by switching to organic and getting a fair price for their milk. When you purchase Organic Valley milk, you are helping to keep these families on the farms and keep our communities vital.

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Coborn's Blog: The Importance of Buying Local. Angie's Kettle Corn


Coborn’s has always been a strong member of the community. I am proud to support our community by offering so many great local products.  Next time you are in one of our stores, check out Purple Prairie Botanicals or Organic Valley. Or Veriditas, Angie’s, Thousand Hills, Salveo, Pop’d Kerns, Fahlstrom Farms, or  Sno-Pac.  Or maybe we’ll have something new to offer…..and it could be made by one of your neighbors!

Natural Foods Category Manager
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