Easy Entertaining: Nutella Hot Chocolate

Coborn's Blog: Nutella Hot ChocolateHot chocolate with marshmallow? Classic.

With a peppermint stick? Love it.

With Nutella? How is it we’ve never thought of this before? More chocolate flavor and a hint of hazelnut sounds like the perfect update for this classic. Your family and guests will love this.

Nutella Hot Chocolate


1 cup milk

2 1/2 tablespoons Nutella

1 tablespoon cocoa

Tiny pinch salt


In a small sauce pan over medium heat, whisk all ingredients together until they are well blended and hot. Pour into a mug and top with homemade whipped cream and shaped chocolate

Homemade Whipped Cream


1 cup heaving whipping cream

2 tablespoons sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


Place a medium bowl and your beaters from your electric mixer in the freezer for 10 minutes; this helps whipped cream stiffen faster. Pour all ingredients into chilled bowl and start to beat with chilled beaters. Start off slowly and gradually work your way up to high. You can tell if it’s done when it is the consistency of whipped cream. Do not over beat!

Hot Drinks for Cold Days

Warm up your winter with warm drinksIt was hard to crawl out from under the down comforter this morning, wasn’t it? The kitchen floor felt extra cold and stepping outside to get the paper was a full-body early winter blast. That first cup of coffee was the perfect remedy, but there are still 16 hours left in this chilly day. Most of us can’t take on quite that much coffee, so here are a few warm-you-up-all-over alternatives for the months ahead.

Hot Chocolate–Of course. Who doesn’t love this stuff? From the beloved Swiss Miss packets to the more sophisticated Ghiradelli mix, all you really need is the cocoa powder and water, or milk if you’re feeling decadent. That’s not to say you can’t class it up–here’s a creamy hot cocoa recipe that’ll leave you wanting more!

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Extra Special Hot Chocolate

What’s better on a cold winter’s day than a mug of steaming hot chocolate?  As a cocoa lover, I say there’s nothing tastier—unless, of course, you’re adding a little extra pizzazz to your drink.

Depending on who’s a part of your coming-in-from-the-cold crowd, you could add extra flavors, toppings, spices, or even liquor (for those of legal drinking age).

To start, you need a basic hot chocolate.  You could grab a mix from the cupboard and add hot milk—but you can also make it from scratch.

Hot Chocolate

4 cups milk (whole milk will make it creamier, but you could also use low-fat milk)
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