Weekly Ad Recipe – Tuna With Avocado Salsa

Weekly Ad Recipe - Tuna With Avocado Salsa www.cobornsblog.com

If you like tuna on the grill you are going to love this recipe. Adding the salsa to this recipe puts it over the top. The flavor of lime juice, cilantro and a little spice from the jalapeño is fantastic! Enjoy… I did!

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Tuna With Avocado Salsa
Serves: 6
  • 1-1/2 Lbs. Fresh Tuna Steaks
  • ¼ Cup Lime Juice
  • 2 tsp. Chili Oil
  • 2 T. Fresh Cilantro, finely chopped
  • 1 Clove Garlic, finely chopped
  • ½ tsp. Salt
  • 1 Cup Avocado, pitted, peeled and chopped
  • 1 Kiwi Fruit, peeled and chopped
  • 1 Med. Green Onions, Chopped
  • 1 Jalapeno Chile, seeded, finely chopped
  • 2 T. Lime Juice
  • 2 T. Fresh Cilantro, chopped
  1. In small glass dish, mix remaining tuna ingredients.
  2. Add tuna; turn to coat with marinade.
  3. Cover; refrigerate, turning once, at least 30 minutes but no longer than 2 hours to marinade.
  4. In medium bowl, mix all salsa ingredients; refrigerate.
  5. Spray grill rack with cooking spray.
  6. Heat gas or charcoal grill.
  7. Remove tuna from marinade; reserve marinade.
  8. Place tuna on the grill.
  9. Cover grill; cook over medium heat 11 to 15 minutes brushing 2 or 3 times with marinade and turning once until internal temperature of tuna reaches 145 degrees.
  10. Discard any remaining marinade.
  11. Top tuna with salsa.
Suggested Wine Pairing Toad Hollow Chardonnay


Gourmet Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas - www.cobornsblog.com

You have heard the saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well here at Coborn’s, we couldn’t agree more!

So for this Father’s Day, treat your Dad to some Gourmet Four Brothers Favorites! We have assembled 6 great gifts for Dad, that he will love and enjoy. Best of all, you can get everything in one quick stop at Coborn’s! Keep scrolling and learn how to make these great gifts for your Dad.

Gourmet BLT Bundle

Gourmet Four Brothers BLT Bundle - www.cobornsblog.com

What Dad doesn’t love a great sandwich? This gift features two amazing Four Brothers items among other items Dad will use to create a Gourmet BLT. This gift includes…

  • Four Brothers Wholesome Harvest Bread
    Soft, delicious and packed with nutritious oats and grains.
  • Four Brothers Bacon
    This flavorful bacon is available in Original, Smokey BBQ, Raspberry Chipotle and Apple Cinnamon.
  • Frying Pan
  • Fresh Greens
  • Fresh Tomato
    Or you could purchase a tomato container from our seasonal aisle.


Gourmet Snack Bowl

Gourmet Four Brothers Snack Bowl - www.cobornsblog.com

It is snack season! Whether it is taking snacks in the boat for fishing or packing snacks in a bag for a hike, Dad’s everywhere seem to enjoy a flavor-filled snack! This gift is filled with all unique and tasty treats. No boring flavors here! This gift includes…

  • Ripples Bacon Cheeseburger Slider chips
    Also available in Onion Blossom, Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese, Jalapeno Poppers and Chicken Artichoke Flatbread. No dip needed for these savory chips.
  •  Coborn’s Signature Smokehouse Smoked Beef Sticks
    Also available in Wild Rice, Habanero, Cheddar, Teriyaki and more.
  • Coborn’s Signature Smokehouse Smoke Beef Strips
  • Four Brothers Cheezy Garlic Loaf
    I have not heard one person speak an ill word of this bread. Break it apart and throw it in the oven to warm it up or eat it as is, Dad will enjoy it, guaranteed!
  • Krave Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky
    Also available in Basil Citrus and Black Cherry BBQ.
  • Planters Salted Caramel Peanuts
    Many other Planters Peanut flavors available, such as Classic, Cocoa, Chipotle, Chili Lime and Sea Salt & Vinegar.


Gourmet Burger Basket

Gourmet Four Brothers Burger Basket - www.cobornsblog.com

This basket will have your Dad’s mouth watering in seconds. Our Gourmet Four Brothers Beef Patties are so great. They are a half-pound each and come in a variety of flavors including Original, Mushroom Swiss, Cheddar Bacon, Cheddar Swiss, Blue Cheese, Jalapeno Pepper, Philly Cheese and Bacon Onion Cheddar. This gift includes…

  • 4-Four Brothers Gourmet Beef Patties
  • Four Telera Buns
    Make sure to get some big buns for these big burgers!
  • Mr Bar.B.Q Stuffed Burger Press
    Find this in the seasonal aisle at Coborn’s
  • Party Pack of Heinz Ketchup, Mustard & Mayonnaise

Some other things you could add to this basket would be, fresh onion, pickles, tomato, or anything else your Dad would enjoy on his burger, even though you really don’t need to add anything to these tasty burgers.


Rib Pack

Four Brothers Rib Pack - www.cobornsblog.com

Our Four Brothers Flame-Seared Ribs are fully cooked and ready to eat. Simply throw them on the grill and heat them up. They are phenomenal! This gift includes…

  • Full-Rack Four Brothers Flame-Seared Ribs
  • Mr. Bar.B.Q Rib Rack
    Find this in the seasonal aisle at Coborn’s


Caramel Apple Sundae

Four Brothers Caramel Apple Sundae - www.cobornsblog.com

Our Four Brothers Creamy Caramel dip pairs great with a Granny Smith Apple, add a little ice cream… now that is a dessert! This gift includes…

  • Four Brothers Creamy Caramel Dip
  • Fresh Granny Smith Apple
  • Pint Kemps Vanilla Ice Cream

This gift is great the way it is. However, if you want to add a little more, we suggest an apple slicer, ice cream scoop and a new Sundae glass.


Grilling Pack

Four Brothers Grill Pack - www.cobornsblog.com

Last but not least is the grilling pack featuring Four Brothers spices. The best part about this one? You can click here and register to WIN it! Enter up to one time per day, June 14-18, 2015. One random winner will be drawn on Friday, June 19th. If you don’t win, you can still assemble this gift by purchasing these items at Coborn’s. This gift includes…

  • Four Brothers Lemon Pepper Seasoning
  • Four Brothers Porketta Seasoning
  • Four Brothers BBQ Rib Rub
    Find all of these seasoning in the Coborn’s Meat Department
  • Mr. Bar.B.Q Sure Grip Spatula
  • Mr. Bar.B.Q Sure Grip Tongs
  • Mr. Bar.B.Q Grill Brush with Scraper
  • Mr. Bar.B.Q Stuffed Burger Press
  • Mr. Bar.B.Q Bamboo Skewers
    Find these accessories in the Coborn’s seasonal aisle.

There you have it, six Gourmet Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad! Dads have everything they need, give him something he can enjoy! And hey, if you are a Dad, don’t forget to share this blog so your kids get the hint!

Weekly Ad Recipe – Sweet & Spicy Baby Back Ribs

Weekly Ad Recipe - Sweet And Spicy Baby Back Ribs www.cobornsblog.com

If you want great tasting ribs just give this recipe a try. The sweet and spicy flavor of the seasonings combined with your favorite barbecue sauce makes this recipe so scrumptious! Enjoy…I did!

Sweet & Spicy Baby Back Ribs
Serves: 6
  • 1 T. Paprika
  • 2 tsp. Garlic Powder
  • 1-1/2 tsp. Black Pepper
  • 3 lbs. Pork Baby Back Ribs
  • ½ Cup Apple Juice
  • 1 Cup Your Favorite Barbecue Sauce
  1. Heat grill to medium heat.
  2. Mix seasonings; rub onto both sides of ribs.
  3. Place half the ribs in single layer on large sheet of heavy-duty foil.
  4. Bring up sides of foil; double fold top and one end.
  5. Add ¼-cup apple juice through open end of packet.
  6. Double fold remaining end to seal packet, leaving room for heat to circulate inside.
  7. Repeat to make second packet.
  8. Grill packets 45 minutes to 1 hour until ribs reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees.
  9. Remove ribs from foil; discard foil.
  10. Return ribs to grill; brush with ½ cup barbecue sauce.
  11. Grill 15 minutes, turning and brushing with remaining sauce.
Suggested Wine Pairing Dark Horse Merlot


How to Prepare & Crack Crab Legs like a Pro!

How to Prepare and Crack Crab Legs like a Pro! - www.cobornsblog.com

www.cobornsblog.com - Family, Friends & Food with Jayne

My husband and son asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day this year, and besides spending the entire day with them and just enjoying their company, I said I wanted crab legs on the grill. So off to the store they went. I could hardly wait to savor that scrumptious crab meat drenched in butter. Well the number one question they asked and everyone asks is “how much should I buy?”  What a great question!  When purchasing crab legs, I usually plan on 1 pound per person because you are normally eating other items with it. Ah! Yes, we also had rib-eye on the grill along with the crab legs, and yes they really do spoil me.

How to Prepare and Crack Crab Legs like a Pro! - www.cobornsblog.com

Don’t be intimated… it’s Easy!

So many people are intimated by cooking crab legs and I’m sure they don’t realize how easy they are to cook. I know years ago I was totally intimidated by them and wouldn’t purchase them because I had no idea how to cook them. Well times are changing, and I stepped out of that box and said enough is enough. So I found out how to make them and there was no looking back.  Now they are such a treat and they are so easy to make. There are several ways of cooking crab legs and I will just explain a couple ways of doing them.

How to Prepare Crab Legs

Our Crab legs are fully cooked so all you have to do is warm them up. Here are some quick instructions for you to follow.

  • In a large pot (Use strainer insert for added convenience), bring 3-4 cups water to boil. (Water amount may vary).
  • Rinse ice from frozen crab legs, and place in the pot. Cover
  • Boil crab legs 4 to 6 minutes, or until heated through.
  • Serve crab legs with melted butter for dipping.

Crab Leg Tips

  • If you don’t have a lot of time I just throw the crab legs on the grill for about 10-15 minutes (make sure not to burn the shell of the legs or the meat will dry out) and they turn out perfect.
  • To remove meat from shell, first pull the membrane out between the joint of the leg, slowly. Then break the leg in half. Once you do this the meat slides out perfectly. Watch the video below to see this technique in action.
  • If you love fresh cilantro or basil, just chop some up and sprinkle them into your melted butter for some wonderful flavor.

How to Crack Crab Legs

Now you know how easy it is to do, so go outside that box and run out to your nearest Meat & Seafood Department and try them tonight.  Enjoy…..I always do!

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National Prime Rib Day

National Prime Rib Day - www.cobornsblog.com

www.cobornsblog.com - Family, Friends & Food with Jayne

On Monday, April 27th it is National Prime Rib Day and this is a perfect day for me to have an excuse to prepare Prime Rib. On second thought I don’t ever have to have an excuse to make Prime Rib because every day is a perfect day to prepare Prime Rib.

It used to be the only time you prepared Prime Rib was on a major holiday and for a large group of family or friends because you had to purchase the entire roast.  Well things have changed because now you can purchase individual slices of Pre-cooked Prime Rib steaks right out of Coborn’s Full Service Meat Case and because it is pre-cooked all you have to do is warm it up.  This couldn’t get any easier.

National Prime Rib Day - www.cobornsblog.comTo prepare the Certified Hereford Beef Pre-cooked Prime Rib Steaks, grill the meat by first using cooking spray on the grates before turning on the grill and then pre-heat the grill.  Then place the Pre-cooked Prime Rib on the grates and then grill until heated through. If you decide to heat it in the oven make sure your oven is pre-heated to 350 degrees. Then place the steaks in a glass dish and add just a little Au jus to cover the bottom. Bake until heated through, approximately 10 minutes.

Now if you decide you want to prepare a full raw roast instead of individual steaks here are some tips to help you when purchasing and preparing a full Raw Certified Hereford Prime Rib Roast.

You’ll Need:

  • One Raw Certified Hereford Beef Prime Rib Roast, 3 to 7 ribs
    (estimate serving 2 people per rib)
  • Four Brothers Prime Rib Seasoning

Remove the beef roast from the refrigerator for about 1-1/2 hours before you start to cook it. Sprinkle with Prime Rib Seasoning all over it and let stand, loosely wrapped in the butcher paper. Roasts should be brought close to room temperature before they go into the oven, to ensure more even cooking.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Place the roast fat side up and rib bones down in a roasting pan. After browning the roast at 450 degrees in the oven for 15 minutes, reduce the oven temperature to 325 degrees. To figure out the total cooking time, allow 15-17 minutes per pound for medium rare which is 145 degrees. Check temperature of the roast using a meat thermometer 30 to 40 minutes before you expect the roast to be done. Once the roast has reached a temperature you want, remove it from the oven and place it on a carving board. Cover it with foil and let it rest for 30 minutes before carving. The internal temperature of the roast will continue to rise while the roast is resting. Cut away strings that were used to hold the roast to the rack of rib bones. Using a sharp carving knife, slice meat across the grain for serving, making the slices about ¼ to ½ inch thick.

Don’t forget to serve your Prime Rib with Au jus for an even beefier flavor and if your daring serve with horseradish.  Enjoy….I always do!

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