Fresh Meal Planning (4/15-4/22)

We have another great week filled a wonderful and tasty variety of meals for you. Weather you make them on the grill, stove or a slow cooker, these meals are sure to win over the whole family!

Weekly Ad Recipe – Grilled Salmon Kabobs

Want to impress your friends? Invite them over for a Salmon Kabob dinner right off the grill. These little beauties were fantastic. The Norwegian Salmon is like no other! They were such a hit with my family that they asked me to make them again this weekend. How can I turn them down? Enjoy….we really […]

Edgy Veggie – Big Bad BBQ Black Bean Burgers

This may be overstating it just a bit, but the almighty Burger is a canvas upon which we can paint a million masterpieces. It’s real glory isn’t  hidden within the patty itself, and it’s certainly not the bun. Look instead towards the creativity with which we pile on the fixin’s. That’s why we call them fixin’s. […]

Great Summer Grilling – Dietitian Approved!

Okay, even though it doesn’t feel like it, it is officially spring, ladies and gentlemen!! You know what that means? My favorite season! GRILLING SEASON! I love when I am driving through the neighborhood on my way home from work and I can just smell the crisp freshness of food sizzling on the grill! I […]

Healthy Living Ad – Key West Grilled Chicken Breast

Save Print Key West Grilled Chicken Breast Serves: 4   Ingredients 3 T. Teriyaki Sauce 1 T. Honey 1 T. Olive Oil 1 tsp. Lime Juice 1 tsp. Chopped Garlic 4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts Instructions In a shallow container, blend teriyaki sauce, honey, olive oil, lime juice and garlic. Place chicken breast into the mixture, […]