Graduation Cake Trends and Ideas.

Graduation Cake Trends and Ideas -

It's a Piece of Cake with Alison!

Guess what? Graduation season is just around the corner! Now is the time to start thinking of what you want to serve at your Graduate’s big celebration.

This year the big trend is cupcakes. You can easily make your own or you can order them from your favorite Coborn’s bakery. If you decide to make your own, to relieve a bit of the last minute stress, you can bake them up way in advance and freeze them. Just take the easy way and use a box mix. The flavor options are endless and the box mixes these days are really good. Bake them as far as a month in advance, and freeze them, unfrosted and really well covered. Then the day before, pull them out and decorate them however you want.

Here are a couple of cute ideas that you can easily make at home.

Reese’s Grad Cap Cupcakes

The grad cap is made with a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup and a square of Hersey’s chocolate. Just glue them together with a dab of frosting.


Diploma Cupcakes

The scroll cupcake is super easy; roll up a small piece of paper and tie it with a small piece of ribbon in your school colors. You can ice the cupcake with a fancy swirl, or you can just spread the icing on with a small knife.

DIY Diploma Cupcakes -

As far as graduation cakes go, the sky’s the limit! You can also make your cake ahead of time, but sometimes the cakes that you see on the Internet are a lot harder to make than they look! These cakes are best left to a pro, so just stop by your Coborn’s bakery and consult with a professional cake decorator. Make sure to plan ahead and order well in advance.

Another great idea for grad parties that is super simple is bars. Again, you can make them yourself  ahead of time and freeze them until the day before your party, or you can order them special. Or, you know that many of your friends are going to ask how they can help you get ready for the big shindig, and people always want to know what they can bring. Don’t be afraid to ask a couple of friends to bring a pan of bars. You can reciprocate when they have their grad party.

– Alison
Coborn’s Bakery Manger, St. Cloud, MN Cooper Ave.

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It's a Piece of Cake with Alison