What Makes our Beef Better?

Kevin C.What makes the Beef you buy at our stores better? Is it the Butcher or the beef? We know it’s the beef (although our Meat Specialists are the best around). We did our homework and we took the guessing game out of play when it comes to selecting beef. We choose to offer Certified Hereford Beef because of the Superior Genetic Traits and the consistent results we receive each and every time that you, our Guest, purchases this Brand of Beef. Continue reading “What Makes our Beef Better?”

Next-Generation Coborn’s Store – Part 2

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Hi there! I hope you were able to check out my Next-Generation Store Tour – Part 1 video and blog from September. I am now here to take you on part 2, simply because we have so many great, new offerings in our Coborn’s Marketplace stores, I couldn’t fit it all into one blog, or video for that matter. In this video I stop and talk to the Coborn’s Store Director in Isanti, Mary, we visit the Bake Shoppe, Pharmacy and Supermarket Registered Dietitian, come on let’s go!

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Cider Beer – The Fastest-Growing Beer Category

Cider Beer - The Fastest-Growing Beer Category. www.cobornsblog.com

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Craft beer’s growth in the U.S. has been amazing, rising from 11.5 million barrels brewed in 2011 to more than 15 million barrels in 2013. Over that same time period, production of Hard Cider has tripled. The growth of cider has been in the works for years, hitting a hot streak lately.

Big brewers have joined the trend, introducing cider brands of their own, with campaigns for beverages that are sweeter and more gender friendly. American Cider is having its trend movement with exciting new producers and varieties, from funky barrel-aged styles to dessert ciders. Even as cider has been enjoying a sharp rise in sales, cider makers expect much bigger things to come. A 2012 Nielsen report stated that the “relatively small cider segment is poised for great growth,” in part because ciders “attract a younger, more affluent consumer.”

American Hard Cider Styles


These ciders demonstrate the true potential of the apple by blending French, English, and American varieties, and the best are the most wine-like in style.


An ever-expanding category, producers both big and small are constantly pairing new flavors with the apple from honey to pumpkin to cinnamon, highlighting the fruit flavor of the apple.

Beer Inspired

In the craft beer craze, cider makers are borrowing brewing methods such as whiskey-barrel aging, and the latest craze, adding hops.


The most popular, these easy sippers are effervescent and straightforward, with pronounced sweetness and candied-apple flavors.

And remember… An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

– Wade
Coborn’s, Inc. Liquor Category Manager II

What's On Tap with Wade - www.cobornsblog.com