3 Ways to Enjoy Lantana Hummus

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I’m always looking for new recipes, new ideas and new products and I just have to tell you there is a new hummus in town. It’s called Lantana and it is so scrumptious. It comes in a variety of flavors and I have some great ideas for you to create when using hummus. Continue reading “3 Ways to Enjoy Lantana Hummus”

Easy School Lunch Ideas

School is back in session and that means many of us have started the routine of making lunches each morning for our kids. With time at a premium and so much in the news about childhood obesity, the trick is to find easy school lunch ideas that taste great and pack a healthy punch.

To achieve easy, healthy and yummy, you need to think outside of the box. Brown bag lunches no longer need to consist of a simple PB&J, a bag of chips, an apple and a cookie. With so many effective hot and cold portable containers available on the market, lunch options for kids these days are endless.

Check out this list of 30 easy lunch ideas from Good Housekeeping.

Here is an impressive list of 101 ideas from stayathomemom.com.

Leftovers are king: Leftover pasta is one of the easiest things to pack in your child’s lunch. Simply heat it up before school and then put it in an insulated container. It will still be warm at lunchtime and your kids will love it. The same is true for hot dish, stir fry, soups or stews. If you’re looking for interesting sandwich fillers, shred last night’s chicken or slice leftover steak, add a few veggies and a piece of cheese and your kids have a gourmet sandwich.

Rethink sandwiches:  A sandwich doesn’t have to be simply two slices of bread with something in between, it can be any combination of your favorite meats, veggies and spreads held together by a tortilla, pita, English muffin, croissant or bagel. Add a little zing to your sandwich by using hummus or aioli instead of butter and skip the standard American cheese for a slice of Havarti or Monterey jack. Let your kids help create their favorite combination and they’ll be excited to get to lunch! Continue reading “Easy School Lunch Ideas”