4th of July Moonshine Cherry Bombs

4th of July Moonshine Cherry Bombs


The 4th of July weekend of celebration is upon us! How will you be celebrating? With a potluck? Picnic? Trip to the lake or cabin? No matter the celebration one consistent aspect of any summertime get-together is delicious food and of course… Tasty drinks and liquor ideas! Continue reading “4th of July Moonshine Cherry Bombs”

Fourth of July Picnic Caddy

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The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a time when we usually go camping with family and friends and I just love incorporating the festivity of the day into everything we do. When we camp, we try to eat outside as much as possible, often around picnic tables. Even though it’s such a casual setting, it doesn’t mean we can’t decorate. I found a fun way to incorporate a party into our picnic, while also making life a little easier.  My Fourth of July Picnic Caddy makes it easy to haul all the mealtime essentials in one trip and it doubles as a festive centerpiece for the picnic table.

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Fourth of July Picnic Caddy
  • 1 Coffee Can, empty
  • 6 Tin Cans, empty
  • Red, White and Blue Spray Paints
  • Painters Tape
  • Drill
  • Wire
  • Black Marker
  • 14 Small Nuts and Bolts*
  • Styrofoam
  • Decorations (flags, fireworks décor, white adhesive vinyl etc.)
  1. Begin with a clean tin coffee can and spray paint it with blue spray paint.
  2. Then paint the 6 smaller cans with white spray paint.
  3. Let all your cans dry for a night.
  4. The next day, make stripes around the small cans by adding painter’s tape and spray paint the cans red.
  5. Let dry and remove tape.
  6. From the inside of the coffee can, about two inches from the base, drill two holes side by side, about a 1.5" apart, vertically.
  7. Set a small tin can right next to the coffee can, then press it close to the outside of the coffee can and poke a black marker through each hole to mark the small tin can.
  8. Drill through the tin can as marked and fasten the small can to the large can with two nuts and bolts.
  9. Repeat with the other 5 small cans. (Note, space cans so that you have three cans on each side so that when you attach the handle, the can balances well.)
  10. After the small cans are all attached to the large can, mark two spots to drill on opposite sides of the large can near the top for inserting the handle.
  11. Drill the holes and insert one bolt and nut into each side without tightening all the way. (This will give you something to tie the wire to)
  12. Make a handle out of red wire and wrap it around the stem of each bolt, then tighten the nut to hold the wire in place.
  13. Now, begin decorating.
  14. Cut out stars from white adhesive vinyl or find patriotic stickers and affix them to the blue coffee can. You could also buy a star shaped sponge and dip in white paint to create the stars on your can.
  15. Take a few steps back and spritz short bursts of white paint from your spray cans to give your centerpiece an antiqued, speckled look.
  16. Place Styrofoam in the base of the two small cans that are in the center of your groupings so your salt and pepper shakers can poke out.
  17. Fill the small cans with silverware, napkins, salt, pepper and rolled up paper plates.
  18. In the center of the large can, add a layer of Styrofoam, then poke a couple flags in.
  19. Add condiments and some fun festive wire to give the impression of fireworks.
*When selecting the nuts to fasten, pick short ones with flat ends and a nut to ensure plenty of room for storage within the cans and also to ensure no one scratches their hands.

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