Fresh Meal Planning (11/26-12/2)

Hard to believe there’s only a month left of 2017! Here’s another week of dinner ideas as we start the countdown to the new year!  Continue reading “Fresh Meal Planning (11/26-12/2)”

Top 5 Things to Make With Leftover Chicken

Courtesy: Food Network

Tips for Leftovers

Chicken is a very versatile meat – and chances are you make so much of it you probably have lots of leftovers! Since it’s the end of National Chicken Month – we’re talking leftovers in this post.

Without working too hard you can turn leftover chicken into fillings for sandwiches, toppings for salad and even a quick way to add protein to your favorite pasta dish. Here are some of our top things to make with leftover chicken. Continue reading “Top 5 Things to Make With Leftover Chicken”