Local Milk from Kemps Cows

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I’m so excited I just have to share the experience that I had a couple weeks ago.  I’m a city girl and never had the opportunity to visit a farm before so I was pretty excited to get a chance to visit a local farm.  Continue reading “Local Milk from Kemps Cows”

Buy Local: Minnesota Milk

BUy Local Minnesota MilkMilk from Minnesota Dairy Farms

When you’re grocery shopping in Minnesota – or having your groceries delivered – you want to know where your food is coming from. All this month we’re celebrating and getting to know the Minnesota farmers, ranchers and growers who help feed our families every day. You can read more about Minnesota beef here.

It’s easy to buy local in Minnesota when you’re shopping for milk to get the calcium your family needs for healthy bones!

When you buy Kemps milk at Coborn’s and CobornsDelivers – you’re buying milk from Minnesota family farms. The Klein Family Farm in Lake City, Minnesota is one of the farms supplying the milk you use in your cereal each morning and give your kids for dinner.

The Kleins are passionate about their dairy cows – and really take care to keep the animals as comfortable and happy as possible. Their farm is home to the Cow Palace – complete with waterbeds for the dairy cows to hay rubs for new calves. These extra touches help the cows be more comfortable, be happier and in return, produce more milk. Continue reading “Buy Local: Minnesota Milk”