Local French Toast with Homemade Blueberry Syrup and Whipped Cream

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Hi Everybody! February is half over and I can just feel spring in the air since we have had such a mild Minnesota weather. Speaking of Minnesota, I just have to talk to you all about “local”. I just love local and I love talking about local. So I thought I would show you some great recipes using some of our great local products right here in the Midwest.

Today I thought I would talk about French Toast with homemade blueberry syrup and homemade whipped cream. This is a ‘yummy” no matter which way you look at it. Continue reading “Local French Toast with Homemade Blueberry Syrup and Whipped Cream”

Peppermint Cream Hot Cocoa

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Hello January! Old man winter it here with vengeance, blasting us with wind, cold and of course SNOW, so I thought a nice hot cocktail was just what we needed and this recipe does not disappoint.

If you love a Peppermint Andes Chocolate Mints, then you are going to love this Peppermint Cream Hot Cocoa recipe. Using only three ingredients, we step up your traditional Hot Cocoa to an adult beverage that you will not want to put down. And if you want to step it up a notch, topping with mini marshmallows and peppermint is recommended. Simply print the recipe below, pin in on Pinterest, watch the video… but please try it, because this is sure to become a new winter favorite! Continue reading “Peppermint Cream Hot Cocoa”

5 Simple Ways To Ice A Cupcake

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Are you in search of a new look for your cupcakes? Bored with the same old star tip swirl? You are in luck; I have 5 easy cupcake makeovers!

Ice Cream Sundae

For these cupcakes you’ll need an ice cream scoop. I prefer to use whipped icing with this one, it comes out of the scoop nicely and has a good ice cream look to it. As far as simplicity goes, it really is just a scoop and plop. For an extra bonus finish it off with some ice cream toppings such as hot fudge, sprinkles, a cherry, cookies, candies… go nuts! These would be great cupcakes for a birthday party.

5 Simple Ways To Ice  A Cupcake - www.cobornsblog.com

Bulls Eye

Once again, not a lot of fancy equipment needed. With large round tips, size 10 or larger, or even just the coupler, you can create a colorful cupcake. If you can draw a circle, you can handle this one. Just pipe your big circle on the bottom, don’t worry about filling in the center all the way. Pipe a smaller circle on top with your next color. Finish with your third color, filling in the hole and making a nice little swirl on top.  Imagine a pile of these colorful cupcakes on your party table.

Sprinkle Supreme

Again, this one is so simple. All you need is frosting and a bowl of sprinkles. You won’t need a fancy tip for this one. Just ice the top with any round tip or even just a coupler from your decorating supplies. Put as much frosting on as you want. Next, dunk it and roll it! It helps if you chill your cupcakes first, then frost and dunk. Sometimes fresh cupcakes are so soft and the tops will fall off in the dunking phase. These are great for those sprinkle lovers.

Pretty Petals

You’ll need a standard sized rose tip for this cupcake. It’s easy, but takes a little more time than other methods. Starting from the outside, pipe ruffles around the edge. Make sure the thin side of the tip is on the outside of your cupcake and you are holding the tip horizontal. Make small “U” shapes or waves to create the petals. Once you get all the way around, repeat, but in a smaller circle so you don’t cover the petals you just made. Keep piping until you’ve covered your cupcake top. How cute would these be at a bridal shower?

Rippling Ruffles

This one is similar to the petal cupcake, but instead of holding the rose tip in a horizontal position, you’ll hold it vertical with the thin edge up. Next, move the tip left and right with a small waving motion. The trick is to do small clumps of ruffles going in different directions. Keep turning your cupcake and adding random bits of ruffles. They are a bit unusual looking, but a nice change from the expected. Good for someone looking for a trendy look.

Good luck in all of your icing endeavors. I would love to see your creations, so comment on my blog with a photo!

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Easy Steps to Healthy and Confidently Beautiful Skin!

Easy Steps to Healthy and Confidently Beautiful Skin! - www.cobornsblog.comI understand aging is a natural process of life, but having a good skin care regimen can certainly help keep those wrinkles away.   Do you have a skin care regimen? If you do, you’re already on the way to looking and feeling your confident best. That’s because taking care of your skin is important! In fact, simple things like washing your face and using a moisturizer with a sun protection factor can help keep your complexion clear, slow down the aging process, and put your best face forward every day.

It’s never too late

We all know you should start this good habit as early as your teens, but ladies, it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf. Your skin will thank you – and your friends will want to know your secret! And remember, your regimen doesn’t need to be elaborate to be effective, though it does need to work for your skin type and – just as importantly – for your personality. After all, if you have a busy schedule or a carefree approach, you won’t continue a regimen that requires multiple steps several times a day – I’m much more likely to stick to a routine that’s quick and easy.

Keep it simple

Start with a cleanser.  Cleansers come in multiple forms, including liquids, creams and bars. If your skin is drier, turn to a creamy cleanser that will remove all traces of dirt and makeup without leaving skin feeling taut and stripped – save the “squeaky clean feeling” for your dishes! A second critical element is a daytime moisturizer, which should always include an SPF 15 to help protect skin from the type of sun exposure that happens as you go about your daily life; even in the middle of winter, our skin needs protecting.  The right moisturizer for your skin type will absorb easily and shouldn’t feel greasy. Using this product will not only keep skin hydrated and smooth, but can help it look more radiant – especially if it contains active ingredients like b-lēve’s Grape Stem Cell Technology, which can even turn back the signs of aging already caused by environmental factors.

I love to use a richer cream at night, and I think it’s true it can help to revitalize skin as you sleep. That’s the time when our skin naturally repairs itself, so adding intense moisturization and beneficial ingredients at that time can prove to be very effective in maintaining skin’s health.

Personalize your regimen

Once you’ve mastered these skin care basics you then add elements to your routine, such as a weekly deep cleaning or hydrating mask, or a super serum that soothes fine lines and wrinkles; my favorite is b-lēve’s b-youthful Face & Eye Serum.  Its silky, creamy texture feels wonderful on the skin.  Most people notice that their first signs of aging start in the eye area, so creams and serums that address that delicate skin are a great way to pamper you and give skin a treat. So, what’s the difference between a cream and a serum? Well, creams offer instant hydration that makes an immediate difference in the skin’s appearance, while serums are designed to deliver intensive benefits that have a long term effect.

Cost effective

Most importantly, the confidence and healthy complexion that comes from a good skin care regimen doesn’t need to cost a bundle – which means I have money left over to buy shoes. I’ve discovered b-lēve is the affordable way to achieve balanced, even and radiant skin that won’t break the bank  – what more can a gal ask? And, every product in b-lēve’s skin care collection is formulated with proprietary natural Grape Stem Cell Technology to revitalize sensitive skin cells that have been damaged by UV-ray induced stresses.

Check out the great b-lēve skincare collection at Coborn’s on your next shopping trip.  And I’ll let you in on a secret – they’re on sale this week, too!  (More dollars leftover for shoes!!)  Make sure to check out the contest on Facebook for a b-lēve skin care basket for you and your best friend.


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