Jayne’s Debut on Kare 11

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We’re excited to announce that our own Jayne will be on a cooking segment with Pat Evans on Kare 11, Saturday, November 5th on the morning show. Be sure to tune in for these great recipes and Jayne’s network television debut!

UPDATE: The show has aired. You can watch Jayne’s debut below:

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Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

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Chef Todd

Chef Todd here. The holidays are upon us and it is time to cook the coveted Thanksgiving turkey! The two questions I get asked most often this time of year are; how long should I cook my bird, and how can I cut the turkey breast for the best presentation for my guests? Well, here are two handy tools for you to keep in your arsenal; a turkey cook times chart and a short video demonstrating how to cut a turkey breast. Happy Thanksgiving!

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www.cobornsblog.com - A Cut Above with Chef Todd


Top 5 Things to Make With Leftover Chicken

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Tips for Leftovers

Chicken is a very versatile meat – and chances are you make so much of it you probably have lots of leftovers! Since it’s the end of National Chicken Month – we’re talking leftovers in this post.

Without working too hard you can turn leftover chicken into fillings for sandwiches, toppings for salad and even a quick way to add protein to your favorite pasta dish. Here are some of our top things to make with leftover chicken. Continue reading “Top 5 Things to Make With Leftover Chicken”

Mom's Best Advice

This weekend we’ll take a moment to say thanks to a pretty important person – Mom.

This week we’d love to know about the best advice your mom gave you. Was it about being a parent? Something about your career and dreams? Drive a stick shift? Maybe it’s as simple as how to fold a fitted sheet or how to make that favorite family recipe. Leave us a comment here on the blog about the best advice you got from your mom. On Friday we’ll pick one person at random to win a $50 gift card to CobornsDelivers.  We can’t wait to read what you learned from your mom!

Cooking 101

Feeling inquisitive? Ask away! March 14 is International Ask a Question Day. The goal is for people to benefit from asking more and better questions. There is no better time than Monday to ask questions as they relate to food and cooking, so be sure to head to the library or the Internet to find the answers to your pressing queries about cooking and cuisine! Let us help you get started with these easy cooking tips for any novice chef. Continue reading “Cooking 101”