My Top Five Favorite Food Brands for Kids

Christie - cobornsblog.comHappy Spring! As a Mom of two toddlers I have definitely found my favorite brands that are must-haves for every grocery trip. Toddlers (at least mine) tend to be creatures of habit so I am always trying to find a balance between getting foods that I know that they will eat and Continue reading “My Top Five Favorite Food Brands for Kids”

Cooking with Yogurt

Recipes to cook with yogurt

Healthy Recipes Using Yogurt

If you’re looking to make a recipe a little better for you – you may want to reach for yogurt! Yogurt can often be used as a healthy alternative in place of sour cream, heavy cream and even butter. It all depends on the recipe and how much fat is in the yogurt you’re using.

Greek yogurt is also a great way to get extra protein. The key is that Greek yogurt is strained – which removes excess water and leaves whey protein behind for your body to use to grow and maintain muscle.

If you’re going to cook with yogurt – the folks at Chobani have an incredible number of ideas to get you started. And, Chobani is on sale this week at Coborn’s and CobornsDelivers (10 for $10!) so you can stock up and start cooking! Continue reading “Cooking with Yogurt”