Pink Polka Dot Cake

Pink Polka Dot Cake #DIY - - Practical Party Planning with Holly

Well, my oldest daughter is now a three year old. Of course, as a Mom, I want to give her whatever she wants and this year, for her birthday, she wanted to have a pink bowling party. So we went bowling and ordered pizzas, pretty simple. But, I couldn’t just let it end with that. So we went back to our house and had cake, ice cream and presents!

Pink Party

Pink Party Ideas -

Practical Party Planning with Holly - www.cobornsblog.comWhen I asked Grace what kind of party she wanted, because if you know me you know there must be a theme, she said “pink”. Well we did PINK! For decoration we had pink tissue paper balls, pink balloons, pink crepe paper streamers, pink plates, pink polka dot treat bags, pink polka dot napkins, pink cups and pink polka dot straws. I served pink lemonade, pink ice cream and pink cake with pink icing. It was pretty cute and Grace loved it all. Planning any kind of get together can get really stressful, but as I was icing the cake and Grace looked and me and said “I really like my pink cake Mom!” it made all the fuss worth it.

With all of my pink decorations and white polka dots on the napkins, straws and crepe paper, I decided to make a polka dot cake to match. It turned out super cute and was really easy. So I want to share with you how I made it so you can do it too!

Pink Polka Dot Cake #DIY - www.cobornsblog.comIcing the Cake and Cupcakes

First off, I made two 9” round cakes and 24 cupcakes with two strawberry box cake mixes. After they cooled I began to ice the cakes. We love the buttercream icing from the Coborn’s Bakery, so I went over to the bakery and got the “Good Stuff”. They sell it in the cases by the cupcakes and they typically have white and a couple other random colors to choose from. I bought two and a half pounds, but I should have just bought three because I ran out before all 24 cupcakes were iced.  I put A LOT of icing on the cake. So you may be able to get away with only two pounds. I colored the icing myself at home to make the best color match, however if you wanted a certain color, I would think the nice people in the bakery would dye some for you. Long story short, I iced my two round cakes together to make a higher cake with an icing layer in the middle. I did that with just a butter knife. I then did a simple icing of the cupcakes with a pastry bag and round tip. Click here for more ways to ice a cupcake.

Decorating the cakes

Pink Polka Dot Cupcakes #DIY - www.cobornsblog.comThe next steps are really easy. I bought Over The Top Party Pink Sanding Sugar from the cake aisle along with Over The Top White Sugar Beads.  I simply sprinkled the top of the cake with the Sanding Sugar. Then I took the White Sugar Beads and created a polka dot pattern on the top of the cake to match the décor. I used the rest of the beads to make a border against the plate and the bottom of the cake and voila, the cake is now decorated. For the cupcakes, I sprinkled the Party Pink Sanding Sugar on half of the cupcakes and did one White Sugar Bead on the top of the other half of cupcakes, this way they all coordinated with the cake, but were a little different.

Making the Cake Topper

Now on to the cake topper. I had purchased polka dot pink straws from the party store when I purchased my tableware, but who really uses a straw? So I knew I would have leftovers to use for my cake. I took three straws to use for my cake topper. Next I took three pink paper plates to cut out circles for my saying. My Mom has a Cricut™ cutting machine that we used to cut out white vinyl letters to write out “Grace is three”.   I then placed the vinyl on the round circles. Next I simply hot glued the straws to the back of the circles. The last thing I had to do was to arrange the straws and stick them into the cake. I also placed a pink number three candle and my cake was complete.

Free Happy Birthday Printables #DIY - www.cobornsblog.comMaking the Cake Topper at home

I realize that you may not all have a Cricut™ cutting machine at home, so I made Free Printables for you so you can make these at home. Obviously I do not know the name of the person for whom you are making the cake, so the printables read “Happy 3rd Birthday”. Each printable has four sheets. Sheet one has the Happy, Birthday and 1st – 5th circles. Sheet two has 6th – 14th circles, sheet 3 has 15th – 21st circles and the fourth sheet has 30th – 100th, by decade. Click the links below for different colors. I made a pink version, green version, blue version and one white version with just black text so you can print on whatever color you wish. I would just suggest using a heavy/thick card stock so that the circle stand up nicely against the straws, if you do not have a heavy/thick card stock, you can just glue the circle a little farther down the straw to add a little stability.


This cake and these cupcakes are cute and fun for any birthday party. I hope you can use some of the ideas I gave you here to make your own!


Party On,
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Fourth of July Picnic Caddy

DIY - 4th of July Picnic Caddy - - Crafty Creations with Lynell

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a time when we usually go camping with family and friends and I just love incorporating the festivity of the day into everything we do. When we camp, we try to eat outside as much as possible, often around picnic tables. Even though it’s such a casual setting, it doesn’t mean we can’t decorate. I found a fun way to incorporate a party into our picnic, while also making life a little easier.  My Fourth of July Picnic Caddy makes it easy to haul all the mealtime essentials in one trip and it doubles as a festive centerpiece for the picnic table.

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Fourth of July Picnic Caddy
  • 1 Coffee Can, empty
  • 6 Tin Cans, empty
  • Red, White and Blue Spray Paints
  • Painters Tape
  • Drill
  • Wire
  • Black Marker
  • 14 Small Nuts and Bolts*
  • Styrofoam
  • Decorations (flags, fireworks décor, white adhesive vinyl etc.)
  1. Begin with a clean tin coffee can and spray paint it with blue spray paint.
  2. Then paint the 6 smaller cans with white spray paint.
  3. Let all your cans dry for a night.
  4. The next day, make stripes around the small cans by adding painter’s tape and spray paint the cans red.
  5. Let dry and remove tape.
  6. From the inside of the coffee can, about two inches from the base, drill two holes side by side, about a 1.5" apart, vertically.
  7. Set a small tin can right next to the coffee can, then press it close to the outside of the coffee can and poke a black marker through each hole to mark the small tin can.
  8. Drill through the tin can as marked and fasten the small can to the large can with two nuts and bolts.
  9. Repeat with the other 5 small cans. (Note, space cans so that you have three cans on each side so that when you attach the handle, the can balances well.)
  10. After the small cans are all attached to the large can, mark two spots to drill on opposite sides of the large can near the top for inserting the handle.
  11. Drill the holes and insert one bolt and nut into each side without tightening all the way. (This will give you something to tie the wire to)
  12. Make a handle out of red wire and wrap it around the stem of each bolt, then tighten the nut to hold the wire in place.
  13. Now, begin decorating.
  14. Cut out stars from white adhesive vinyl or find patriotic stickers and affix them to the blue coffee can. You could also buy a star shaped sponge and dip in white paint to create the stars on your can.
  15. Take a few steps back and spritz short bursts of white paint from your spray cans to give your centerpiece an antiqued, speckled look.
  16. Place Styrofoam in the base of the two small cans that are in the center of your groupings so your salt and pepper shakers can poke out.
  17. Fill the small cans with silverware, napkins, salt, pepper and rolled up paper plates.
  18. In the center of the large can, add a layer of Styrofoam, then poke a couple flags in.
  19. Add condiments and some fun festive wire to give the impression of fireworks.
*When selecting the nuts to fasten, pick short ones with flat ends and a nut to ensure plenty of room for storage within the cans and also to ensure no one scratches their hands.

Coborn’s Graphic Designer

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Spring DIY

Colorful Spring Centerpiece - For step by step instructions visit - Crafty Creations with Lynell

Hello, everyone! Spring is finally on its way and what a wonderful time of year! The green grass is starting to grow, flowers are starting to bloom, trees are starting to bud and we can finally go outside without coats, mittens, hats, scarves and boots. It’s also a great time to bring the joy of spring inside with cheerful Easter centerpieces. Remember Easter is Sunday, April 20th this year!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”-Robin Williams

Colorful Spring Centerpiece

Let’s start with a bright and colorful ”Egg-stra” Special Easter Centerpiece.

 You will need:

  • Large glass vase
  • Cylinder vase that fits inside the large glass vase
  • Individually wrapped chocolate Easter egg candies (jelly beans would work, too)
  • Various colored peeps (bunnies or chicks)
  • Artificial Gerber daisies or your favorite spring flower
  • Easter grass


1. Wash both glass vases. Place the cylinder vase into the large glass vase. You can use duct tape or putty to hold the cylinder vase in the center of the large vase so it does not move.
2. Next, add layers of sweets in the space between the two bowls.

  • Layer 1 – Individually wrapped chocolate Easter eggs
  • Layer 2 – Four Peeps (stuck together in a row) in the large vase above chocolate eggs. Face Peeps outward. Keep adding Peeps around the entire inside of the vase. Stuff candies or Easter grass behind the Peeps to hold them in place if needed.
  • Choose another color of Peeps and begin another layer. Again, add candy or grass to hold in place. Continue layering until your large vase is filled.

I bought some colorful artificial Gerber Daisies at a local craft store and put them in the small glass bowl make sure they are tall enough to hang out over the top, but not too tall if it is in the center of your table while people are eating. Add a touch of Easter grass in between the flowers to hold the flowers in place.

3. Arrange flowers and Easter grass in cylinder vase

Pink Peep CenterpiecePink Peep Centerpiece - For step by step instructions visit

You will need:

  • 2 square glass bowls
    (small glass bowl needs to fit inside large glass bowl with enough room to fill in-between the layers with candy)
  • Green styrofoam block
  • Pink Gerber daisies
    (artificial or real)
  • Light pink flowers
  • Pink Peep bunnies
    (2 packages of 12)
  • Pink ribbon with white polka dots
  • Straight wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Light green paper Easter grass
  • Easter candy


  1. Cut styrofoam to fit in the smaller square glass bowl. Arrange dark and light pink flowers; poking the stems of the tallest flowers in the center and shorter ones around the perimeter.
  2. Poke each Peep with a piece of wire and poke the wire into the styrofoam.
  3. Create your favorite type of bow with ribbon. Attach the bow onto a piece of wire and poke it into the styrofoam.
  4. Place the small glass bowl in large glass bowl. Add light green Easter grass to the bottom. Add a layer of Peeps to go around the sides of the glass bowl. Add individually wrapped candy or jellybeans to hold Peeps in place. Continue around your vase until it is full.


Carrot Snack Bags - Fun DIY to make with your kids! Directions at

Carrot Snack Bags

You will need:Carrot Snack Bags - Fun DIY to make with your kids! Directions at

  • Clear triangle-shaped bags (cake decorating bags work great!)
  • Orange-colored snacks
  • Green ruffled ribbon

My grandson, Payten, and I put together some carrot-shaped treats to decorate the plates for Easter dinner. I bought some clear triangle-shaped bags from a local craft store. I held the bag while Payten filled them with gold fish crackers and tied the tops with a green ruffled ribbon to make them look like the tops of a carrot. You also can use cheese balls, but remember that they can get a little messy and then you might have to lick your fingers. It was a lot of fun to do this project with Payten, except when he kept eating the gold fish crackers!

Wishing that your Easter is decorated with the love, peace and joys of spring!
Happy Easter!

Coborn’s, Inc. Graphic Designer

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Thanksgiving Centerpiece Printables

We’re getting down to the wire. The turkey’s brining, the yams are peeled, the pies are baked. But wait, the centerpiece! Rather than recycling last year’s wicker cornucopia, here’s a set of free printable for a simple and lovely tablescape.

All you’ll need to provide is a few aluminum cans and some flowers (which you were going to buy anyway, right?) These homemade vases can be the feature of your table in just a few simple steps:

1. Grab a couple of cans of vegetables from your pantry, take the label off and empty the contents of the can.

2. Cut your bouquet of flowers so that the weight is appropriate for the size of the can holding them.

3. Cut out the can labels that we made for you (you’ll want to disable any popup blocker first) and put glue along the appropriate edge.

4. Wrap the label around your can vase and voila!

All of us at Coborn’s and CobornsDelivers wish your family a safe and joyful Thanksgiving.