Fresh Meal Planning (3/26-4/1)

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Fresh Meal Planning (10/23-10/29)

Meal Plan 10/23-10/29

It’s hard to believe October is almost over… Where did the time go? Savor the season and let us save you some time with this week’s meal plan. Continue reading “Fresh Meal Planning (10/23-10/29)”

Top 5 Tips to Build the Best Burger

How to Build the Best Burger

5. What makes a burger juicy? Fat makes burgers juicy! That’s a big reason why ground chuck is better for burgers than ground round.

4. Make sure your ground beef is mixed throughout with salt and pepper and other ingredients, like Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, or grated onions, and it will improve not only the taste but also the juiciness of your hamburgers.

3. The ideal thickness for a raw patty is 3/4″. If it’s any thinner, it’s likely to overcook and dry out. If it’s much thicker, the crust might turn black and unappetizing before the center reaches the safe internal temperature of 160 degrees.

2. Burgers tend to puff up in the middle as they cook, making the tops rounded and awkward for piling on the toppings. A good trick for avoiding this problem is pressing a little indentation into the top of each raw patty with the back of a spoon. Then, when the center pushes up, the top of each burger will be relatively level.

1. You should flip each burger only once, and only when it’s ready to flip. When you can lift the edge of the burger without sticking, it’s ready to flip.

It’s your turn! Comment below with your favorite burger tip!

Get Out of a Rut!

Fajita Burger from

Change Up Your Recipes

The great thing about summer is you can start up the grill and leave the oven and stove off. But are you getting tired of burgers, chicken breasts and hot dogs? July is actually Anti-Boredom month, and we’re here to help you shake up your recipes and get out of a food rut! Continue reading “Get Out of a Rut!”

It’s Burger Time

The weather improves with each passing day, and summer is just around the corner. Earlier this week, we shared tips for getting your grill ready for use. Well, this weekend, fire that grill up and get ready to make some burgers the whole family will enjoy!

When talking about barbecue burgers, most people automatically jump to visions of hamburgers and cheeseburgers with perfect grill marks. Don’t forget, however, other types of burgers for a change of pace – and also different recipes so you can grill every night of the week until the snow falls again next winter!

Ground turkey and ground chicken are two excellent, healthy options in lieu of hamburger meat. Want something even more exotic? Try a salmon burger or this recipe for Grilled Tuna Burgers:

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