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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the cakes you order and the ones you see on display in our stores? We get that question pretty often! Although the display cakes are not made with real cake, they do still have real frosting, and they’re made with just as much time and attention to detail.

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Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party -

Holly - Practical Party Planning - cobornsblog.comMy oldest is now 5 years old. Almost done with preschool and on to Kindergarten. I was noticing that she was getting more and more interested in Superheros. So I asked her if she wanted a Superhero birthday party. Well… not only did she want a superhero party, she specifically wanted a Wonder Woman Party. I am not opposed to going to the store and buying themed plates, napkins, décor etc. However, I could not find anything that was specifically for Wonder Woman. So I decided to design something by myself. Continue reading “Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party”

Candy Shoppe Birthday Party!

Candy Shoppe Birthday Party -

Holly - Practial Party Planning -

It’s a Candy Shoppe Birthday! For each of my kids’ birthdays I picked something they liked and themed a party around it. For my little “Claire Bear”… she loves CANDY! And so was born the Candy Shoppe Theme. Continue reading “Candy Shoppe Birthday Party!”

Cute as a Button Birthday

Cute as a Button Birthday with Free Printables -

Holly - Practial Party Planning -

Well my baby girl has turned one. Her name is Claire and she is the sweetest, cutest little thing, as most mothers would say about their children. When deciding what theme to do her birthday, I was considering “Cute as a Button” or “Bear” as we always call her Claire Bear. We obviously landed on “Cute as a Button” and decided to dress her up as a bear for Halloween.

In this blog I will share with you some things that we did to create this theme and give you all of the free printables you will need to make this happen at your home.


I have to admit, I am a bit of a procrastinator and I let the invites slip this time. I wanted to send out these cute invitations I made, but I ended up just making a Facebook event and inviting people that way. It was faster than mailing it and the RSVP feature on Facebook is convenient. However, I would have preferred to send it out in the “Real” mail because I’m a bit old fashioned that way. Whichever way you do it, I have a printable for the “O’Fashioned” Invites here or Jpeg for you to use on your Facebook Event here.

Birthday Sign

Free Printable Cute as a Button Banner -

This birthday sign is pretty self-explanatory. You simply print the pieces, cut them out and glue them together. After that, all there is to do is punch two holes in each piece and string them together with some curling ribbon. Feel free to use whatever pieces you want. You could use only the “Happy 1st Birthday” without the buttons, or you could use only the “Happy Birthday” words if it is for a different age. Whatever you do, it is sure to be adorable. I hung mine on the wall with some pushpins and over matching crepe paper that I had also hung from pushpins, floor to ceiling.

Upcycled cans for décor

Free Printable Tin Can Covers -

Free Printable Tin Can Covers - www.cobornsblog.comThe name of my blog is “Practical Party Planning”, so here is a practical idea for you. Save your aluminum cans from your Food Club corn, beans or peaches, etc. and these will be come part of your décor. All you have to do is click here, print out the papers, cut to fit your different sized cans and wrap and attach. You have now matched your décor, have a recyclable decoration and have upcycled all in one shot.
I filled mine with matching artificial flowers from the dollar store and used one of them to hold the forks in my buffet line. They were super cute, and the hoarder in me would have wanted to keep them, but thankfully my husband recycled them when I was not looking, or else they would have been added to my stash!

Beverage Covers

Cute as a Button Free Printable Soda Pop Can Covers -

Free Printable Cute as a Button Beverage Covers - www.cobornsblog.comTo add to my décor I also made wraps to cover the cute little 7.5 ounce cans of Diet Pepsi and Sierra Mist. Just as simple as wrapping the aluminum cans, and just as cute. To decipher which can is what you could use the green covers on the Sierra Mist, the polka dot on a Diet Pepsi and maybe the pink on a Mountain Dew.

I also made little wraps to cover the Food Club Drinking Water bottles I bought from Coborn’s, click here for those. Fun and festive!

Free Printable Cute as a Button Water Bottle Covers -


Free Printable Cute as a Button Theatre Candy Covers -

Free Printable Cute as a Button Theatre Candy Covers - www.cobornsblog.comI enjoy giving little favors to the kids who come to the party, just a little something for them to take home. While shopping at Coborn’s I found a sale on the movie theatre candy, 10 for $10. I decided on Nerds and grabbed as many as I would need so each kid would get one box. Of course, I would then need to make these match as well! So click here to get the free printable to wrap around your boxes of candy. There is also a nametag included that you can attach on each box. You could even write a sweet little note on each one too, whatever you prefer.

Cute as a Button, Button Shirt - www.cobornsblog.comThe Outfit

Now this one I do not have a free printable for you because… well…. it can’t be printed. But I wanted to mention it to you anyway. To make Claire’s outfit for the day, because it obviously has to match, I sewed matching buttons on a white shirt in the shape of the number one. If you have basic sewing skills you should be able to pull this off. I paired it with a matching tutu and there we go, as cute as a button I would say!

The Cake

Next to the wedding cake the first “Dig-In” cake is the most important, right? Typically I like to make my own cake for my kids’ birthdays but I needed a break. With planning the party, getting the food ready, decorating and cleaning the house, I decided to leave this task to the professionals.

Cute as a Button Cake with Dig-In Bear Cake -
Cute as a Button Birthday Ideas - www.cobornsblog.comI stopped at my local Coborn’s in Sartell on Pine Cone Road and ordered my cakes from my favorite cake decorator, Amanda. You may know her, she writes a cake blog for Coborn’s, check it out! I simply told Amanda my theme and gave her a copy of the invitations so she could match the look. I then told her that I wanted a cute “dig-in” cake to be in the shape of a bear, just to get in the “Claire Bear” theme at least once.
Needless to say, I was VERY happy with the results. Chocolate cake, whipped frosting and a beautiful design, it can’t get much better than that! As you can see from the photos, Claire loved the cake as well. I served it with Food Club Chocolate/Vanilla ice cream and it was perfect!

The Food

Cute as a Button Birthday Party - www.cobornsblog.comCute as a Button Birthday with Free Printables - www.cobornsblog.comI knew that I would have last minute cleaning to do in the morning so I didn’t want to spend too much time fussing with food, so here is what I served: egg bake, Sweet P’s mini muffins and grape clusters. Click here for the egg bake recipe. I mixed up the egg bake the night before and simply put in the oven the morning of the party. I served that with the mini muffins and grapes that were simple enough to get onto my buffet and for beverages we had the water and soda pop and I made a pitcher of Food Club Sugar-Free Lemonade and had some Champagne and OJ to make Mimosas for the adults. I bought matching plates, cups and napkins from the local party store to complete the look.

Party On,
Coborn’s, Inc. Consumer Content Manager

*Please note that the printables may not appear as they do shown in the images. However, once you download them they would be correct. So I would suggest downloading the images and not just print from the link.

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DIY: Beary Cute Cake

DIY: Beary Cute Cake The art of Cakes with Amanda

Let’s make a sculpted cake. No! Don’t run away! It’s easier than you think! I’m going to break it down for you into “beary” little steps and you’ll be serving up a “beary” cute little teddy bear in no time.

Things to gather up:

  • An 8” round cake and 2 cupcakes.
  • 2 cake spatulas, on big one, one small one. Yes you can get by with just one.
  • A large round tip (size 8 to 10) , a small round tip (size 2 to 4).
  • A large grass tip. The bigger the better. Small one is ok too, but it’s going to be more squeezing time for you.
  • Decorating bags. One for each color.
  • 2 lbs frosting in your main color. 1/2 lb frosting in an accent color. A dollop of black frosting. A smidgen of white (optional, for eyes).DIY: Beary Cute Cake How To

Begin by cutting your 8” round cake in half. Next, cut the top of one cupcake off and then cut the cupcake top in half. These will be your ears. The other cupcake you can simply shave off one side to make a flat base, this will be the snout. Next, take your 8” halves and stick them together like a sandwich with frosting.

Next base ice the cake with your main color. It doesn’t need to look pretty because soon you’ll be covering it in bear fluff.

Attach the cupcakes as shown. I have the flat part of the cupcake tops facing forward. Pro tip! If your cupcakes are soft and your ears seem a bit wobbly, chill them in the freezer to make them easier to ice.

Using the accent color, cover the fronts of the ears and the snout. I used a coupler, no ring or tip, to do this. I was able to get an even layer of frosting on the ears with having to go back and smooth it out.

Grab you little cake spatula and smooth out the icing on the snout. It’s a little tricky being as it’s so “beary” tiny, but just breathe and keep working that frosting over. If you want it smoother you can let the frosting set up and then pat it with your finger to make it a little flatter. Have I mentioned you should be washing your hands?

For the next step we’ll be adding fur with your grass tip. I have my main color bagged up and left 2 dots to remind me where the eyes will go. Start squeezing. Cover up the head with fur.

The ears need fur too. It’s not that hard. There isn’t a base coat of frosting on these (you can, but you’ll be fine without it) so make sure you keep your fur plops nice and close to cover the cake.

You’ve covered the whole thing! “Beary” good! Now for the final finishing touches.

Add in the eyes, nose, and mouth. Eyes are big dots made with a large round tip. For the nose I used the same size 10 tip and made a modified heart shape. With a size 3 or 4 you can draw the line down and a smile to finish off his face. And at this point if you want you can add the little white fleck in the eyes to give him a little sparkle feel free to do so!

And just like that you’ve made a sculpted cake!

Using these steps you can let your creativity take over. You could do a pink bear, or make him not so furry and add stitches for a teddy bear with a sewn look. Or why not go crazy and make the ears pointy and try out a cat!

And you didn’t think you could sculpt a cake without a special pan… When you break it down, it’s “beary” possible!

Coborn’s Cake Decorator
Sartell, MN – Pine Cone Road

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DIY: Beary Cute Cake
  • 8" Round Cake
  • 2 Cupcakes
  • Cake Spatula
  • Decorating Bags for each color
  • 1 Large Round Tip (Size 8 to 10)
  • 1 Small Round Tip (Size 2 to 4)
  • 1 Large Grass Tip
  • 2 lbs Frosting in your main color
  • ½ lb Frosting in accent color
  • Dollop of black frosting
  • Dollop of white frosting for eyes
  1. Cut 8" Round Cake in half.
  2. Cut the top off one Cupcake then cut the top in half for the ears.
  3. Shave off one side of the other cupcake for snout.
  4. Stick 8" halves together with frosting.
  5. Base ice Cake with main color.
  6. Attach Cupcakes as shown in photo.
  7. Ice ears and snout with accent color.
  8. Smooth out icing on snout.
  9. Cover head and ears with fur using a grass tip.
  10. Add eyes with large round tip, nose with size 10 tip and mouth with size 3 or 4