Fresh Meal Planning (5/7-5/13)

Grilling season is here! Take advantage of the nice days with some outdoor cooking with this week’s meal plan.  Continue reading “Fresh Meal Planning (5/7-5/13)”

Cooking With Beer

Courtesy: Creative Commons

Lots of recipes call for cooking with wine – from simmering meat in wine to adding wine to a sauce or broth. But what about cooking with beer? There are lots of recipes with beer that are perfect for celebrating American Beer Day – which happens to be October 27  – and you can always find a great assortment of beers at Coborn’s Liquor stores and in the Beer, Wine and Spirits selection at

Why should you cook with beer? It brings a lot of flavor thanks to hops, malt and yeast. Dark beers also bring a roasted flavor to recipes. The effervescence in beer also helps if you’re frying or baking something – the bubbles make the batter much lighter. A great example is this recipe for waffles made with beer and an apple topping. Beer is also good to cook with if you’re preparing sweet vegetables like carrots or caramelizing onions. The bitterness of beer is a great compliment to that sweetness. Continue reading “Cooking With Beer”

Father's Day Giveaway

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If you’re looking for some great grilling ideas – we love Steven Raichlen. He has great recipes and tips for grilling with gas or charcoal. Need convincing? Check out this twist on Beer Can Chicken – it’s Iced Tea Chicken!