Fresh Meal Planning (4/30-5/6)

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The Best Baked Beans

Best Baked Beans Recipes

Baked Beans Month: Recipes

July is Baked Beans Month. And while we love the baked beans you can buy right in the store at Coborn’s and have delivered from CobornsDelivers, sometimes it’s nice to dress them up a bit or even make your own from scratch!

History of Baked Beans

Baked beans are believed to be based on a Native American dish that involved beans cooked with fat and maple syrup. European settlers then adapted the recipe using pork and molasses. Some food historians also say baked beans can be traced back to the classic French dish cassoulet. Heinz launched its baked beans in the U.S. in 1895 and a canned food staple was born.

Doctor Up Store Bought Baked Beans

If you want to simply open up a can of baked beans, there are some great ways to doctor them up a bit and help this classic barbecue side dish stand out. Try sautéing some onions and green pepper, season them with salt, pepper and a little cumin and chili pepper and then add in the baked beans until everything is warmed up and ready to serve.

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Sizzlin' Summer Sides!

Grilled Pineapple

‘Tis the season for grilling and eating outdoors in Minnesota! With Memorial Day fast approaching, and the burgers and brats at the ready, are you looking for some great sides?  Check out the Easy Eats section of CobornsDelivers and say goodbye to standard chips or fruit, and say hello to this year’s unique, flavorful and easy barbecue accompaniments.

For starters, you can try out the Grilled Pineapple coated with a delicious marinade – served beautifully alongside any grilled meats.

Salsa Lisa's Mexican Slaw

Or for an original take on a classic summer staple, branch out with Salsa Lisa’s Mexican Slaw, made even easier with pre-shredded slaw and pre-made salsa.

And finally if you’re looking to stay in the good graces of the purists in your life, who can’t imagine a burger without baked beans nearby, take the time to really knock everyone’s socks off with this special Classic Boston Baked Beans.  Even the lengthy cooking time will be worth it in the end.

(All recipes can be found in the Easy Eats section by clicking on Meal Occasion, then clicking on Sides.  Then scroll down to these great recipes.)

Boston Baked Beans