March Food and Wine Pairings

Beneath the Cork with Mike H. Assistant Liquor

Columbia Crest winery has found a home in the Horse Heaven Hills of Washington for more than two decades. This region and winery combine to make some of Washington’s and maybe the world’s most affordable and best “every day” drinking wines. The soil deposits from the Missoula Floods during the Ice Age and the current climate help create a terroir there ideal for wine grapes like Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay & Riesling just to name a few. Continue reading “March Food and Wine Pairings”

Hand Sanitizer that is safe enough for my family

CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer - Locally made, alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

Have You Ever Thought About Hand Sanitizer? Me neither. We have always sold hand sanitizer in our Natural Foods Departments but, to be honest, I have never really used it. I’ve heard conflicting reports about the benefits but mostly I think it was because it wasn’t something I really gave much thought. I am fortunate enough to rarely catch a cold but I do know that keeping our hands clean is a very important step in keeping everyone healthy!

A typical eight ounce bottle of hand sanitizer is the equivalent of five shots of liquor!  - www.cobornsblog.comEnter the folks from CleanSmart. They came to call one day and I learned everything I ever wanted to know about hand sanitizers. Did you know all the other ones contain alcohol?! A typical eight ounce bottle of hand sanitizer is the equivalent of five shots of liquor! Who in the world wants to be spraying that on their baby’s hands, because baby’s hands always end up in their mouths at some point! Some childcare centers have stopped using hand sanitizers due to the danger of alcohol as well as its incredible drying effects.

CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer was featured on Twin Cities Live! www.cobornsblog.comCleanSmart contains Hypochlorous, which is produced by our own bodies to fight viruses and bacteria. It is the only non-toxic germ killer that destroys viruses, bacteria and pathogens. It kills icky stuff like listeria, salmonella, mold and mildew! And it is safe to use everywhere! Recently, CleanSmart was featured on a local news broadcast. The reporter was spraying it on her face near her eyes and mouth with no ill effects. Of course, I won’t recommend trying that at home but it certainly proved a point!

You can spray it on toys and high chairs without worries. I recently sprayed it in my son’s hockey goalie gloves to kill the germs and it also got rid of the stinky smell, which is pretty amazing!

Since CleanSmart does not contain alcohol, it is non-drying. In addition, it is naturally moisturizing. Although this is not one of its published uses, I have been trying it on my son’s eczema as well since the science indicates it could be beneficial, and I have seen some improvement. Perhaps it was a coincidence but at least I know it is safe to experiment!

To make a great product even better, it is made right here in Minnesota! Keeping our dollars local benefits everyone. Look for household cleaning products coming in the spring of this year as well. I expect to see much innovation from this great local company and look forward to a great partnership in promoting this safe and exciting product!

Look for CleanSmart in the Natural Foods Department at your favorite local Coborn’s store!

– Rhonda
Coborn’s Natural Foods Category Manager

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