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Natural foods and the importance of buying local.

Beginning in 1984, Rhonda got her first job out of college with Coborn’s. After moving around for a few years, she thankfully ended up back at Coborn’s. Rhonda has continued to work and grow her expertise in natural and organic foods for nearly 20 years. She continues to meet new people and obtain new education to continue building interest in buying locally. She believes it is the cornerstone of the natural market.


Recent Blogs:

Buy Local - Thousand Hills Cattle Company

Shop Coborn's and Buy Local - Thousand Hills Cattle Company. www.cobornsblog.comHere we are in the middle of a beautiful Minnesota summer.  Everyone is trying to make the most of it before the snow flies again!  And a big part of that is enjoying backyard grilling with your family.  More and more people are starting to think about where their meat is coming from and the […]Read More »

Hand Sanitizer that is safe enough for my family

CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer - Locally made, alcohol-free hand sanitizer. www.cobornsblog.comHave You Ever Thought About Hand Sanitizer? Me neither. We have always sold hand sanitizer in our Natural Foods Departments but, to be honest, I have never really used it. I’ve heard conflicting reports about the benefits but mostly I think it was because it wasn’t something I really gave much thought. I am fortunate […]Read More »

12 Days of Local Christmas

www.cobornsblog.com - 12 Days of Local ChristmasHappy Holidays!  I would like to welcome you along on my twelve days of discovering all our great products that have a local connection. The Midwest is home to many great brands! Some with thousands of employees and some with just a few. There’s been a lot of buzz on local the last few years.  […]Read More »

The Wonder of Watkins

www.cobornsblog.com Naturally Close to Home with RhondaOne of my favorite Minnesota brands is J.R. Watkins. They started out in Plainview, Minnesota, back in 1868 selling their pain relieving liniment. It is rare that a product is so effective and popular that it is still for sale 145 years later! They built the business through door to door sales and independent distributors. […]Read More »

The Importance of Buying Local

Coborn's Blog: The Importance of Buying LocalLiving in Pittsburgh, I began to go to the weekly farmer’s market in my neighborhood.  It quickly provided me with a much needed  “anchor” while living far from home. I got to know the local farmers and learn what was in season each week. As Natural Foods Category Manager, I have been able to provide […]Read More »

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