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Rebecca is a fun-spirited woman who has a passion for trying new foods with her family and neighbors. She joined Coborn’s, Inc. in 2013 as our Communications Manager, where one of her favorite perks is the opportunity to try fun recipes and blog about them!


Recent Blogs:

Creepy Treats for Halloween

Creepy Treats for Halloween - www.cobornsblog.comEvery great once in a while, someone reminds me that I tend to go overboard when I need a good creativity fix. This is one of my favorite examples. After attending a most over-the-top Halloween party for grown-ups a couple years ago, I took many mental notes on all the well-thought-out details and decided to […]Read More »

Wild Rice... More than just Soup

Wild Rice... More than just Soup - www.cobornsblog.comWhen I was asked to write a blog post about wild rice, I thought it would be wonderful to share the Wild Rice Soup recipe that we often use over Labor Day weekend when we close up the cabin for the season. As I was preparing my shopping list, my ever-wise husband asked, “No one […]Read More »

Share a Coke & WIN this Summer!

Share a Coke and WIN this Summer with Coborn's & Viking Coke! www.cobornsblog.comThere’s a fun campaign that’s happening this summer and I’m amazed at how many memories it has triggered from my youth! “Share a Coke” is all about reviving that tried-and-true fun of enjoying a Coke with friends. Find your name! There are two parts to this campaign that really grabbed my attention. First, Coke is […]Read More »

5 Simple No-Bake Treats for Fourth of July

5 Simple No-Bake Treats for 4th of July - www.cobornsblog.comSome of my very favorite memories from growing up occurred during Fourth of July celebrations at our family cabin. From decorating the boat in the morning and then waving at dock sitters as we pass by in the boat parade to potlucks and games of beanbags with our fun neighbors and late-night fireworks and Northern […]Read More »

Authentic Cinco de Mayo Meal

Authentic Cinco de Mayo Meal - Add some culture to your meal. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this authentic meal. www.cobornsblog.comMay is a month of celebrations at our house, starting with May Day on the first, the twins’ birthday on the third, Cinco de Mayo on the fifth, my husband’s birthday on the seventh, lots of other relatives’ birthdays, and countless school-related activities to carry us through to the cabin opener on Memorial Day weekend. […]Read More »

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