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Mike is the Liquor Division Assistant Manager for Coborn’s and has a passion for wine. Traveling the world and always learning more, he loves sharing his passion with you in his blog.


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5 Wines for Great Summer Grilling

Top 5 Wines for Great Summer Grilling. www.cobornsblog.comNow that the weather has finally changed to give us spring, my mind wanders toward grilling.  At my house grilling season is always coupled with wine to complement our meals.  For me there are really five wine staples we have on hand for nearly any food we would grill. For me the biggest staple of […]Read More »

Great stories begin with Charles Smith Wines

Great stories begin with Charles Smith Wines - www.cobornsblog.comGreat stories often accompany wine brands and labels but only great wine will get me or anyone to have a second glass.  Charles Smith wines present the perfect marriage of story and quality.  In his youth Charles craved world travel and at his first opportunity he left California for Denmark.  For the next nine years […]Read More »

Best wine for the Holidays

www.cobornsblog.com The Best wine for the HolidaysThis time of the year I am often asked what kind of wine should I pair with appetizers, a holiday meal, dessert or sometimes all of the above.  This year I will answer any of these questions with the same response – Prosecco!  Prosecco is a soft, off-dry and slightly fizzy wine.  It has more […]Read More »

Australian Wine is Back!

www.cobornsblog.com - The raise and fall and raise again of Australian WineHad you asked me ten years ago what was trendy in the wine industry the easy answer would have been Australian wine. At that time Australian wine was known for its quality when compared to wines of other regions at similar price points. What has happened since then should be a cautionary tale to the […]Read More »

Not just good wine... a good cause

www.cobornsblog.com - Murphy Goode Homefront Red - Making wine and giving back!Anybody who has had the good fortune to spend time with Murphy-Goode winemaker Dave Ready Jr. knows that he likes to have fun while making outstanding wine.  Dave and Murphy-Goode have also always had a strong sense of giving back.  When the Operation Homefront partnership opportunity was presented to the winey while creating Murphy-Goode Homefront […]Read More »

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