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Since graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and becoming a Registered Dietitian; the primary focus of Kim’s positions have been in food safety. She is a Certified Food Manager and a Certified ServSafe Instructor. Kim has been with Coborn’s since 1994 and held her current Food Safety Manager position since 1998.


Recent Blogs:

Summer Cooler Safety

Summer is officially here and the perfect time for picnics – picnics in the park, picnics at the lake, picnics, picnics, picnics! When we think of preparing for a picnic, what is the essential item that every picnic needs? That’s right – a cooler! I’m here today to provide you with some tips to keep […]Read More »

Keeping Your Grill Food Safe

Welcome to grilling season! Actually, with the mild winter we had, my assumption would be that for many of us our grill never got fully put away or maybe it has been out several times already! Nevertheless, I am here today to talk about safe grilling and offer some tips to keep foodborne illness off the […]Read More »

The Truth About the 5 Second Rule

Hi Everyone! My topic for today’s blog is the “5 Second Rule”. I think at some point in time we all have either given into the 5 second rule and/or at least contemplated it, right?  I, myself, can say that is true. Saying to myself… “Really, what could possibly be wrong with this, it was only […]Read More »

Best If Used By, Use By, Sell By, What Do They Mean?

Food Safety Basket  Do you ever wonder when you’re grocery shopping “What do those dates on the packages actually mean”?  It’s important to understand the phrases, “Best if Used By”, “Sell By” and “Use By”… What are these dates telling us??  Well, let me help explain. Product dating is truly up to each manufacturer. Federal regulations actually […]Read More »

Food Safety: During and After a Power Outage

Food Safety: During and After a Power Outage - www.cobornsblog.comHi again! It appears the warm weather may finally be starting to show itself. Yay! Soon the flowers will be blooming and… unfortunately, the skies booming. Inevitably with warm weather comes the chance for severe thunderstorms and potential power outages. With that said, what can be done to ensure our food is safe during a […]Read More »

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