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Since graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and becoming a Registered Dietitian; the primary focus of Kim’s positions have been in food safety. She is a Certified Food Manager and a Certified ServSafe Instructor. Kim has been with Coborn’s since 1994 and held her current Food Safety Manager position since 1998.


Recent Blogs:

Turkey Thawing Safety Tips

With Thanksgiving just a couple days away, I felt it would be good to talk about some food safety tips that apply most appropriately to this time of year especially to that which we enjoy most on Turkey Day…..the turkey! Read More »

Halloween Food Safety

Happy Halloween everyone!  Tonight is the night when many will roam the streets and knock on doors yelling “Trick or Treat!”.  There are several things to keep in mind to keep our trick or treaters safe on Halloween night from walking in a group, with a buddy or trusted adult to what type of costume […]Read More »

How to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board

  When we look at our options for cutting boards, wooden ones always seem to stand out as being a more stylish choice which bring a sophisticated look to our kitchen rather than plastic.  However, one often thinks what is the best way to wash these cutting boards? Read More »

Keep flies away from Food

Hello again everyone! I was asked to talk to you today about flies and whether or not a person should be worried if a fly lands on their food. Well……it is not a very pleasant subject because as much as we would like to dismiss them as just pesty little buggers that like to ruin […]Read More »

To Wear or Not to Wear While Cooking

    “To Wear or What Not To Wear While Cooking?” now that is the question….. And there are truly a number of ways to address this question. Should this cover food safety or personal safety, in the home or working in food service? Well, let’s try to cover it all!Read More »

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