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There is so much more to know about cheese!

James knows his cheese. He doesn’t see cheese as a dairy product to pair with crackers or meat; rather, he sees cheese as a science and an art. His background in chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, as well as biochemistry have given him an excellent understanding of the processes involved in cheese manufacturing. He has also worked in the food production and retail industry which has given him extensive knowledge on good cheeses and how to use and store cheese.


Recent Blogs:

Tastes so Gouda!

Kroon Gouda Cheese - www.cobornsblog.comWe’ve been working hard at Coborn’s to deliver great products at a great price in our deli departments. We are featuring Kroon Gouda as our cheese of the month from now through the end of February at $8.99 a pound. Kroon Gouda is made in Holland and is one of the world’s oldest cheese brands, […]Read More »

Coborn's Presents Cady Creek Smoked Gouda

www.cobornsblog.com - Coborn's Presents Cady Creek Smoked Gouda and Cheesy Hash Brown RecipeA lot of new exciting things are continuing to happen at our Coborn’s deli departments. As stated in my last blog, we are expanding our cheese cases and adding new products company wide to our deli departments. You might have noticed that we have also started a new cheese of the month promotion. This month […]Read More »

Livin' on the Wedge - Northwoods Cheddar Cheese

Coborn's Blog: Premium Grade Handmade Northwoods Artisan CheddarWe are proud to announce that we have been expanding our gourmet cheese product line at all of our Coborn’s stores company wide. We have been searching the ends of the earth to find new high quality cheeses, and Northwoods cheddar is one of them. Northwoods cheddar is a handmade premium grade artisan cheese, which […]Read More »

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