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There is so much more to know about cheese!

James knows his cheese. He doesn’t see cheese as a dairy product to pair with crackers or meat; rather, he sees cheese as a science and an art. His background in chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, as well as biochemistry have given him an excellent understanding of the processes involved in cheese manufacturing. He has also worked in the food production and retail industry which has given him extensive knowledge on good cheeses and how to use and store cheese.


Recent Blogs:

October Cheese of the Month - il Giardino Parmigiano Reggiano

Cheese of the Month for October is il Giardino Parmigiano Reggiano and the region is comes from is Italy. Celebrate the King of Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano – aged 22 months. More than 700 years ago, Italian cheesemakers called “Casaros” took great pride in making Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, apprenticing for many years before being allowed to […]Read More »

Cheese of the Month: Kerrygold Dubliner

One of the best cheese of all time is Kerrygold Dubliner 100% Natural Cheese. This cheese boasts the brand’s grass-fed goodness with a nutty and naturally sweet flavor that has captivated cheese-lovers everywhere around the world.Read More »

Gouda Goodness Cheese Soup

Gouda Goodness Cheese Soup - www.cobornsblog.comWell, folks, summer isn’t quite here yet and that means we still have to put up with a few chilly days. So why not spend some time in the kitchen cooking a decadent, creamy Gouda cheese soup? More precisely, one that’s Gouda for you… Feel free to experiment with this one and try using different […]Read More »

Beemster (Gouda) from Holland - June Cheese of the Month

Beemster (Gouda) from Holland - www.cobornsblog.comWell, we have another great cheese on special this month at our Coborn’s deli departments. The cheese is 18 month aged Beemster (Gouda) from Holland. The cheese will retail at $4.99* for approximately 7 oz. packages. Beemster is perhaps one of my favorite aged Gouda cheeses from Holland. It has some nice caramel and toffee […]Read More »

April Cheese of the Month - Old Amsterdam Gouda

Old Amsterdam Gouda - Hard but smooth cheese meant to me eaten as is. Enjoy this cheese with a local ale or Belgium beer. www.cobornsblog.comWe have a lot of new, exciting things and promotions going on at our Coborn’s Cheese Shops this month, like the April in Paris promotion. This month we invite you to stop in and try some of our delectable imported French cheeses, like Indulgent Brie, Port Salut, garlic and herb Le Roule, etc. We will […]Read More »

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