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Holly started her career at the Sauk Rapids Coborn’s location in the deli to put herself through college. After college was finished she moved up to the advertising department at Coborn’s Inc. where she has been since 2005. She started working for a grocery store in high school and has never left. Holly loves being creative, shopping and planning parties!


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New Year's Eve Free Printable Conversation Starters

2017 is almost here! Every year my husband’s family takes a trip up north for Christmas. We rent a cabin and enjoy food, games, movies and each other. This year we will be there on New Year’s Eve. So I started brainstorming, what could we do to celebrate that will not be too much fuss? […]Read More »

Wine Wedding Gift

My husband and I had the pleasure celebrating one of my husband’s high school friend’s weddings this past Friday. I am typically in charge of the gift, which is fine with me because I absolutely love gift giving. We could go with money, which is always appreciated, but I wanted to do something a bit […]Read More »

Candy Shoppe Birthday Party!

It’s a Candy Shoppe Birthday! For each of my kids’ birthdays I picked something they liked and themed a party around it. For my little “Claire Bear”… she loves CANDY! And so was born the Candy Shoppe Theme.Read More »

5 Gift Ideas for Dad, Less than $25, Under 10 Minutes

Father’s Day is just around the corner. I’m here to give you some quick gift ideas. Not that Dad is not worth the time, he is very much is worth it. But let’s face it, sometimes time is something we do not have. In this blog I will give you 5 Gift Ideas that Dad […]Read More »

Paw Patrol Doggie Birthday

  Another year has gone by and my oldest is now 4. Lately she has been obsessed with the Nickelodeon Cartoon, Paw Patrol. So obviously she requested to have a Paw Patrol Birthday Party. In this blog I will show you how I decorated, a recipe and video for how to make Dog Bone Cookies […]Read More »

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