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A Natural Approach with Cheryl -

A Natural Approach with Cheryl -

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Cheryl is a native Minnesotan who has worked for Coborn’s as a Natural Foods Manager for ten years. She has always had a great interest in good natural foods for their flavors and how healthy food can make you feel better. From baking her own bread, to canning her own tomatoes & vegetables, to raising chickens for hormone free eggs, she has endeavored to keep things as organic and natural as possible when feeding her family. Her most favorite thing to do is to just laugh and have fun!


Recent Blogs:

Grain-Free Bread

Grain-Free Bread • www.cobornsblog.comWhether you are avoiding gluten because of Celiac Disease, intolerance to wheat or because you choose to omit it from your diet, this bread will be one you will want to try. The same goes for one following a Paleo style diet, or anyone avoiding grains all together. I originally got this recipe from a […]Read More »

What is Greek Yogurt?

Wha isG reek Yogurt? www.cobornsblog.comThere’s a funny thing about Greek yogurt…it’s not Greek! A more appropriate term for this smooth, rich yogurt would be Strained Yogurt. In Greece, strained yogurt is known as ‘straggisto’ and is used throughout Greece as a popular ingredient in many ethnic dishes. It’s Healthy Yogurt in general is a nutritious and healthy food: an […]Read More »

Grain Fed VS. Grass Fed Beef

Grain Fed VS. Grass Fed Beef, what's the difference? www.cobornsblog.comInterest in grass fed beef is on the rise. As we hear more and more about the benefits of this ‘old fashioned’ way of raising cattle, we wonder if it is worth the extra cost at the grocery store. Almost all beef calves begin their lives drinking milk from their mothers and learning to eat […]Read More »

What is Quinoa?

What is Quinoa? www.cobornsblog.comQuinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is an ancient grain that originated in the Andean region of South America, mainly Peru and Bolivia. Although it is a grain crop, quinoa is grown primarily for its edible seeds. Because it is high in protein and gluten free it makes a great substitute for side dishes made with pasta and […]Read More »

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