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A Natural Approach with Cheryl -

A Natural Approach with Cheryl -

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Cheryl is a native Minnesotan who has worked for Coborn’s as a Natural Foods Manager for ten years. She has always had a great interest in good natural foods for their flavors and how healthy food can make you feel better. From baking her own bread, to canning her own tomatoes & vegetables, to raising chickens for hormone free eggs, she has endeavored to keep things as organic and natural as possible when feeding her family. Her most favorite thing to do is to just laugh and have fun!


Recent Blogs:

How to Incorporate Flax Seed into Your Diet

First a little tutorial about flax seeds… Flax is a super seed grown mostly in Canada, North Dakota and South Dakota. Minnesota and Wisconsin also produce flax. Canada is the leading producer of brown flax seed and the Dakota’s tend to produce more of the golden flax. There is little difference in the two colors […]Read More »

Tea Types and their Benefits

That first sip of hot, freshly brewed Earl Grey tea is what awakens my taste buds and opens my eyes every morning. I love tea, and so do over 158 million Americans. Tea is the most consumed beverage (besides water) in the world. However, it is also a very misunderstood drink.Read More »

Slow Cooker Quinoa

I’ve thought a lot about this blog. Slow Cooker Quinoa has kind of had me stumped. Quinoa was the subject of my first blog over two years ago. I didn’t want to go down that same research based path again. I’ve already told you about its origins and stellar nutritious powers. Also, I don’t do […]Read More »

Hummus: A Healthy Snack for a Busy Life

As my son, Alex, and I sat in a bustling auditorium waiting for my granddaughter’s spring program to begin, I mentioned that I needed a subject for this blog. His immediate response, “Hummus! I eat it every day, it’s an easy go-to snack.” Alex’s life is one of the busiest I know of. He goes […]Read More »

Natural Cold Remedies

Natural Cold RemediesFeed a cold, starve a fever. According to the Scientific American this saying is attributed to John Withal’s dictionary dated 1574. The belief was that eating would warm the body up to help overcome the cold and starving the body would aid in cooling it down during a fever. Neither is actually correct. The number […]Read More »

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