Coborn’s 12 Days of Christmas 2016

Coborn's 12 Days of Chrimstas!

It is hard to believe the holiday season is once again upon us! The Coborn’s elves have been busy over the last year, putting all the finishing touches on this year’s 3rd annual “12 Days of Christmas” celebration.

During this special holiday event, our elves and vendors visit 12 of our stores. They search for a guest at each with a full cart – and when the guest least expects it – they come out of nowhere and present the ultimate surprise: a $200 gift card that’s used to pay for their groceries and if they are a MORE Rewards Member, they receive DOUBLE Fuel Rewards!

The winning guest also receives a nice gift from the vendor. Plus, plenty of attention: the whole presentation is caught on camera!

The holiday giving does not stop there. Our elves also hand out 10 gift cards (valued at $20 each) to guests around the store, allowing others to get in on the fun!

Be sure to watch the Coborn’s Facebook page, Coborn’s YouTube Channel, or Coborn’s Website throughout the 12 Days of Christmas to find out where the elves have been!

We would also like to thank several of “Santa’s helpers” – our great vendors – who play a big part in making this event happen!

Crazy Fresh Produce
Crystal Farms
General Mills
Gold’n Plump
Land O’Frost
No Name Steaks

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from all of us at Coborn’s!

Jayne’s Debut on Kare 11

Maple Chicken & Carrots -

We’re excited to announce that our own Jayne will be on a cooking segment with Pat Evans on Kare 11, Saturday, November 5th on the morning show. Be sure to tune in for these great recipes and Jayne’s network television debut!

UPDATE: The show has aired. You can watch Jayne’s debut below:

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Next-Generation Coborn’s Store – Part 2 - Family, Friends & Food with Jayne

Hi there! I hope you were able to check out my Next-Generation Store Tour – Part 1 video and blog from September. I am now here to take you on part 2, simply because we have so many great, new offerings in our Coborn’s Marketplace stores, I couldn’t fit it all into one blog, or video for that matter. In this video I stop and talk to the Coborn’s Store Director in Isanti, Mary, we visit the Bake Shoppe, Pharmacy and Supermarket Registered Dietitian, come on let’s go!

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Next-Generation Coborn’s Store – Part 1 - Family, Friends & Food with Jayne

I’m so excited to introduce you to our “new” Next-Generation of Coborn’s stores in Isanti, MN. So many people have asked me what makes it so different and I thought why we don’t just go shopping. So I took a trip to the new Coborn’s Marketplace store so that I could walk you through it and introduce you to some of the employees that work there. Continue reading “Next-Generation Coborn’s Store – Part 1”

The Donut, An American Classic

Cob: The Donut, An American Classic

Friday, June 3rd is National Donut Day this year. Have you ever questioned where donuts originated? Today, you can go to any bakery and some bread stores to get your fill of various types of donuts; chocolate iced, raspberry filled, glazed. I am sure there is one out there for everyone. But going back to my original question, where did the donut get its start?

Bakers always had problems with what to do with leftover bread dough. They found if they took a strip of dough, tied it in a knot and then dropped it in hot pork grease, the fried confection had a unique but good flavor.  The Dutch called them, English translated, dough-knots.

As time went on bakers filled the middle with apples, prunes or raisins but a major problem occurred; the centers were never fully cooked or, as some may say, had “raw centers”.  Bakery folklore is thought to have said that a sea captain’s mother from New England made these for her son with nutmeg and hazelnuts or walnuts in the middle. Legend has it, she would call them dough-nuts. However, when he went to sea, the captain had his cook make them and like before the centers never fully fried. Out of frustration he told the cook to leave out the filling, thus creating a hole. Is this true or a legend? Fact or fiction? I don’t know but it sure sounds good! • Learn the story behind the "Doughnut Girl" and WWI "Doughboys"During World War I donuts had become very popular and many of you may have seen the Salvation Army poster titled “My Doughnut Girl.” The Doughnut Girl was always handing donuts out to the GIs at the train station, reminding her “Doughboys” to come back home. These ladies then went to Europe and their sole purpose was to make doughnuts for the Doughboys.

When the Doughboys came back from war they were in love with the donut. Similar to popcorn today, they were sold as a popular snack in movie theaters. To satisfy the increasing demand, a Russian immigrant created the first donut machine. At the 1934 World Fair in Chicago the donut was declared the food hit at the Century of Progress Fair.

In honor of Donut Day on the 3rd of June and as a way to show support for the Salvation Army, Coborn’s will be celebrating by selling specially boxed donuts with a portion of all proceeds going to the Salvation Army. Last year, company-wide we raised $3,000 to present to the Salvation Army on the Donut Day and we’re excited to try to top it in 2016!

The donut still remains the one confection that anyone from the age of 2 to 102 + can enjoy with their favorite beverage of milk or coffee. Healthy?? Sorry, that could be another blog… But the story of the donut is truly that of an American Classic.