Weekly Ad Recipe – Caesar Burgers

These burgers are awesome and so easy to make on the grill. Serve with some fresh corn-on-the cob and some fresh fruit and you have a party. Enjoy!!!

Weekly Ad Recipe – Salmon & Pasta

If you love salmon and pasta here is the recipe for you. It is extremely easy to make and the flavors are fantastic. I served fresh asparagus with this recipe and I love it so much that I will be making it again next week. Enjoy… I loved it!

Weekly Ad Recipe – Grilled Ribs With Sweet & Savory Sauce

If you want a sweet and sour flavor for ribs this is the recipe for you. I’ve used this same kind of sauce with meatballs and loved them, so I thought it would be great for pork as well. Wow does it give you some awesome flavor! Enjoy… I did!

Weekly Ad Recipe – A S’more Smorgasbord

A warm ooey gooey marshmallow squished between graham crackers and accompanied by Hershey’s milk chocolate is one of the staples of summer. But would you believe it if we told you that America’s favorite campfire dessert can taste even better? The traditional graham cracker and milk chocolate combination is an absolute hit, but we have […]

Weekly Ad Recipe – Hoisin Grilled Pork Chops

The Hoisin Sauce mixed with barbecue sauce and honey makes this a wonderful glaze. I loved it! This is definitely going to be a regular dinner at our house. Enjoy!