TruMoo Chocolate Milk

Introducing TruMoo!

Say goodbye to fridge fights – TruMoo is a win-win for moms and kids! 

TruMoo starts with fresh milk from your trusted dairy, with no artificial growth hormones and add just the right amount of sugar, and that’s what makes TruMoo a truly good thing. In addition to NO rBST and NO high fructose corn syrup, we’ve added NO GMO Ingredients to the list of reasons to love TruMoo. Look for our new seal!

Try it hot!

TruMoo is Nutritious and Delicious, Hot or Cold!  Be sure to warm up a mug of TruMoo after some fun wintertime excitement!

Try TruMoo Chocolate Milk today! Pick up TruMoo at any of our Coborn’s, Cash Wise Or Marketplace Foods locations today!


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