Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

Ashley M.
Ashley M.

Happy Holidays! This is always a fun time of the year to get crafty and make your own decorations or gifts. I love decorating my home every year for Christmas and I especially love adding more decoration each year. This year, I decided to try out some new ideas for centerpieces. Better yet, they’re all edible! 

This one was a little more time consuming, but totally worth it! I got a cardboard cone from my local craft store and a bag of Hershey’s candy at Coborn’s. I did this one using Hershey’s Hugs since they’re my husbands favorite, but you can use any flavor you want or go off the packaging so it matches your decorations. I just used hot glue to attach them to the cone and I have a bunch of random craft stuff so I added some sparkle with garland.

Another one of mine and my husband’s favorite candies are Red Hots or Cinnamon Imperials. This is a super fast one to put together. I just grabbed a couple martini glasses and a champagne glass, filled them up, and added a few candy canes. Then I added more sparkle with the little bows, boxes and snowballs around the base of the glasses. Use what you have on hand! Garland would work great around these too.

My last centerpiece idea was also really quick and easy. This one is also my favorite since I love decorating with blue and silver. I got a bag of the cookies and cream Hershey’s candy, put them on a plate and simply added some sparkly bows and snowballs. Cute and tasty!

Hopefully these ideas will inspire your Holiday decorating!

Have Fun and Happy Holidays!
Ashley M.
Coborn’s Inc. Social Media / Creative Specialist

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