Beer and Cheese Tasting Party!

Holly - Practical Party Planning - cobornsblog.comI would like to introduce you to Pints and Plates®, which is a beer and food pairing brand backed by 2 Master Cicerones.  They share the passion for pairing beer with a variety of cheese, foods and recipes.

My husband and I recently upgraded our kitchen; new cabinets, countertops, floors, appliances, trim, the whole works. So I wanted to have a little get-together to unveil our new space! I was considering a wine and cheese tasting party, but that’s been done. Now a BEER and cheese tasting party… that’s pretty cool!


  1. Invite your friends and family. *I simply created a Facebook event. Click here to download a Facebook header image to use for your event.
  2. Once they RSVP, assign each person with a beer or cheese to bring.
  3. Prepare Pints and Plates appetizers to serve.
  4. Set out empty plates, signs, 2 Oz. disposable cups, service ware and ice buckets.
  5. Once your guests arrive, slice cheese, ice beer and display.
  6. Once all of my guests arrived I explained how everything was going to work.

How It Works

  1. Each cheese was displayed next to the beer that it was to be paired with. *There was a corresponding sign next to every pairing, so no one would get confused. Download those signs here. I also displayed signs that explained pairings and how to properly taste test. Click the links to download those as well.
  2. The guests would pour the beer into the 2 Oz. disposable cups provided and take a slice or chunk of cheese with toothpicks provided.
  3. Try the pairing and write your notes on the free printable provided here. *I liked the notes because if someone really liked a new beer or cheese they would know what to pick up the next time they were at Coborn’s.

AMAZING! I’m not a big beer drinker, but WOW, I enjoyed every beer and every cheese. Not that I didn’t believe in pairings, but I had never experienced really trying a suggested pairing. I was NOT disappointed. It was fantastic!

Funny Side Note
My brother-in-law thought he would be funny, so he decided to add a truly gourmet cheese to the mix…. Easy Cheese. While Easy Cheese has it’s benefits, it certainly wasn’t on the Pints and Plates pairing list. As you can see in the photo, he removed the cap and set it out so that it could “breathe”.

Food; Appetizers
As I stated above, I asked each of my guests to bring a beer or a cheese. I then provided the appetizers. I went to and started searching. I made the Whipped Goat Cheese Crostinis that paired with Redd’s Apple Ale and Soy Ginger Chicken Wings that paired with Blue Moon Belgian White.

I chose these recipes because I could make them and not have to serve them immediately, they could sit for a half hour, so I had time to clean up before the guests arrived. After I fried the chicken I simply kept it warm in the oven and added to a chafing dish with the sauce about 30 minutes before the party started.

These recipes…. Incredible! The crostinis were delicious and the wings… TO DIE FOR! If you are going to try anything from this blog, please try that recipe and I would suggest not sharing, because you will want to eat all of them.

Like I said, I paired them with the suggested beers with the 2 Oz. cups again and it was fantastic.

Extra pairing foods

As you will find on the pairing cards, Pints and Plates, also list other foods that will pair well with that beer and cheese. So I also picked up those items. For example: ham, walnuts, pears, bread, berries, etc. and placed them next to the cheese and beer.

Here are some things I used to create a beautiful display.

  • Roll of chalkboard paper and chalkboard markers to label foods.
  • Variety of white plates, slate and boards for cheese trays.
  • Trays at varying heights, I also added height by placing white or glass bowls and other dishes underneath plates.
  • Galvanized metal buckets filled with ice for beers. (Line with a plastic garbage bag so they don’t leak).
  • To display the small pairing signs I cut small slits into the 2 Oz. plastic cups, filled them with extra walnuts and slid the sign into the slits.

What I really enjoyed about my party is that it was different, it got people to try something new and it was a great way to debut my new kitchen. So the next time you need an excuse to party, please try a Pints and Plates themed Beer and Cheese tasting party. You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t forget to watch for Pints and Plates signs, pairings and recipes in all Coborn’s stores with liquor stores and all Coborn’s Liquor stores, this summer!

Party On!

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