Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party -

Holly - Practical Party Planning - cobornsblog.comMy oldest is now 5 years old. Almost done with preschool and on to Kindergarten. I was noticing that she was getting more and more interested in Superheros. So I asked her if she wanted a Superhero birthday party. Well… not only did she want a superhero party, she specifically wanted a Wonder Woman Party. I am not opposed to going to the store and buying themed plates, napkins, décor etc. However, I could not find anything that was specifically for Wonder Woman. So I decided to design something by myself.

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - cobornsblog.comLicense

Now, even though you find many people on the internet who sell homemade “Wonder Woman” décor, etc. You really are not supposed to use her likeness or logo without proper license. If you know me, you know I like to follow the rules. So instead of ripping something off the internet I played it safe, and lucky for you because now you get to print all this fun stuff and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. I designed a bunch of fun and free printables for you using the red, white and blue look with stars. Still the Wonder Woman affect, without the chance of fines.


Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Hotdog / Brat Buffet -

Since it is a child’s birthday, I like to have food that kids like to eat. What kids don’t love hotdogs? So I made a simple Hotdog/Brat Buffet. You can really go all out, but I want to be practical. There are tons of things you can put on a hotdog or brat, but I just served the essentials. My buffet included:

  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Food Club Relish
  • Chopped Red Onions
  • Food Club Hotdog Buns
  • Coborn’s Signature Coarse Ground Wieners
  • Johnsonville Smoked Bratwurst
  • Oscar Mayer Selects Hardwood Smoked Uncured Turkey Franks

For sides I served Wavy Potato Chips, Fresh Watermelon and my Mother In-Law’s Potato Salad. There’s a practical tip for you, recruit family members to bring different sides. My Mother in-law is always willing to bring something so I asked her to bring her potato salad, it saves me time and money and she is happy to help!

Table Decor

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Table Decor - cobornsblog.comTo dress up my table to appear more “Superhero-y” I simply added superhero masks to the buckets and bowls. I bought them at the party store for $1.49 each and now they are in my Halloween Goodie box to use again later! I also created some fun edible décor that I like to call “Wonder Wands”.

How to make Wonder Wands

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Wonder Wands - cobornsblog.comSimply remove the rind of the pineapple, lay it on it’s side and cut slices about ¾” to 1” thick. Lay the slice flat on a cutting boar and using a pairing knife, carefully cut out the circle core of the pineapple, leaving a hole in the middle. Next take a large start shaped metal cookie cutter and cut the star shape out of the pineapple. Reserve the triangle pieces of pineapple for snacking on later. Next you will take a wooden skewer and stick it though the bottom of the pineapple star, place a blackberry in the hole you have created and continue to skewer the blackberry and pineapple until you create a wand. It’s pretty simple and it makes for a cute, edible decoration.


In keeping with the theme I wanted to incorporate some “Super” games! (See what I did there, I’m so punny!) I came up with two simple games that everyone enjoyed.

Paper Airplane distance competition

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Paper Airplane Competition - cobornsblog.comSimply click here to download and print the free printable Airplane. I printed enough so everyone had one at the party. Once everyone is done folding their airplanes and have each written their name on their own, have them all stand in a certain spot and let them throw their airplane. The airplane that makes it the furthest wins! I picked up a cheap little gold medal at the party store to award my niece who won!

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - How to fold a paper airplane -

Wonder Lasso Game

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Wonder Lasso Game - cobornsblog.comThe Wonder Lasso Game is basically Ring Toss. I purchased 2 liters of generic brand pop, removed the labels and attached Superhero themed graphics to the outside. Click here to download these printables. Then I arranged them in a triangle, grabbed some “lassos” (pool rings I had on hand) and we had a game. Each guest got 3 rings and a chance to win. Ring a bottle and take it home. I did this instead of treat bags this year. The kids still got to go home with something and it seemed to hit two birds with one stone.


Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Free Printable Decor -

Superhero Starbursts

Now for the fun part… the décor! When you think of Superheros you often think of the starbursts that read “BANG!, BOOM!, POW!” etc. So I made those to hang on the walls. To make them nice and large I make one starburst out of 4 sheets of paper. Simply click here and download the free printables to get started. Once you have printed them, cut off the white edge, arrange so the graphics match-up, tape on the edges (not on the graphic) and turn around, tape the seams well and flip back face-up. Once that is done, now you simply cut out the graphic and attach it to the wall. I used the 3M removable adhesives and they worked great. They are strong enough to hold the décor and remove easily without ruining my walls. To make the extra large “Happy Birthday” graphic, I used 9 pieces of paper. Same process to create, just takes you a bit longer. But hey, they’re free to download and only cost a little paper, ink, tape and a short amount of time.

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Free Printable Decor - cobornsblog.comSuperhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Free Printable Decor - cobornsblog.comSuperhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Free Printable Decor - cobornsblog.comSuperhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Free Printable Decor -

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Free Printable Decor - cobornsblog.comSuperhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Free Printable Decor - cobornsblog.comSuperhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Free Printable Decor -

Click the following links to print the Starburst Printables


I also ordered some blue, red and yellow balloons from my local Coborn’s to complete the look!

Printable Quotes

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Free Printable Quotes - cobornsblog.comI was kind of bummed, because I had also designed some fun quotes to display at the party too, but forgot to print them. But this is still good for you because you can click here and print them off to use at your party. I would suggest displaying them in a 5×7 photo frame next to your cake and food! You can simply borrow some frames from other places in your house or stop by the dollar store and grab a few any spend just a few dollars.


Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Birthday Cake -

Superhero / Wonder Woman Birthday Party - Wonder Woman Cupcakes - cobornsblog.comFor the cake I ordered a ¼ sheet cake from my local Cash Wise, a sister store to our Coborn’s locations, so you could get the same thing at Coborn’s too. I just want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. After talking to the designer and showing her the décor pieces I created she made a nice cake to match with my daughter’s name. And, lucky for you, at Coborn’s and Cash Wise we have Wonder Woman edible images available to use. So I also ordered Wonder Woman Girl Power cupcakes. Paired with some Food Club Chocolate Ice Cream and it was a party!

I would love to see how your “Superhero Party” turned out. If you use any of these printables please comment to my blog so I can see your creation!


Party On!

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