New Year’s Eve Free Printable Conversation Starters

New Year's Eve Conversation Starters -

New Year's Conversation Starters - is almost here! Every year my husband’s family takes a trip up north for Christmas. We rent a cabin and enjoy food, games, movies and each other. This year we will be there on New Year’s Eve. So I started brainstorming, what could we do to celebrate that will not be too much fuss? After all, I simply do not have more room to bring more “stuff” after all the gifts, swim toys, food, etc. And I wanted to be practical. There are some seriously adorable things on Pinterest for New Year’s Eve, but this working Mama just doesn’t have time for all that and my money is spent for the rest of the year! So was born the “New Year’s Eve Conversation Starters”.

Where The Idea Came From

New Year's Conversation Starters -
Holly’s friends and family get-together group!

Every month my husband’s brother, wife, kids and one of my husband’s friends, wife and their kids all get together with us. It is such a fun time to let all the kids play and the adults can play games, visit and eat. While we can create decent conversation, we decided to use some conversation cards that I had purchased at a gift store at the MOA. It was a hoot and we all learned a lot about each other. So as I was thinking about what games we could play up north this year, I thought about the conversation starter game we played at our monthly get-together.

The Conversation Starter

New Year's Conversation Starters -

New Year's Conversation Starters - I began to write down questions to ask people this New Year’s Eve. I created 48 printable question cards. I also created an extra printable page left blank so you can create your own as well. All you have to do is Click Here, download the file, print and cut. I suggest printing on a heavier paper so you can keep these and use them again or plain copy paper will work as well. Print on colorful paper if you want to make it pretty! I printed mine on a nice textured paper, because I am a graphic designer at heart and if you’re a graphic designer, you know that’s the best paper, it’s a treat for the eyes and hands.

Example Questions

Here are some of the questions you will find in this Free Printable.

  • Best moment this year
  • Favorite new tech this year
  • Favorite new book this year
  • Favorite viral video this year
  • Best movie you saw this year
  • Most hilarious moment this year
  • Something new you tried this year

So there you have it, a practical “game” to play this New Year’s that will not cost you more than some toner and a few sheets of paper, and I hope that it creates a memorable time for you and yours this Holiday.

Happy New Year and Party On,
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