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Wine Wedding Gift -

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My husband and I had the pleasure celebrating one of my husband’s high school friend’s weddings this past Friday. I am typically in charge of the gift, which is fine with me because I absolutely love gift giving. We could go with money, which is always appreciated, but I wanted to do something a bit different… of course!

I decided to create a basket of wine that the couple would be able to keep and use upon certain celebrations. The celebrations I chose were the Wedding Night, the day they discovered they were to become parents and their 1st, 5th and 10th Wedding Anniversaries. I stopped by Coborn’s Liquor and started perusing the aisles for wines that would be appropriate to match the celebrations.

Wine Wedding Gift - The Wedding Night -

Wedding Night – Mumm Nappa

For the Wedding night I selected Mumm Nappa Cuvée M Sparkling Wine from California. Pop the top, let’s celebrate with a little bubbly!

Wine Wedding Gift - We're Going to be Parents -

We’re going to be parents! – Fre

There are many ways that a couple will discover that they are going to be parents, anything from a call from the adoption agency to a positive pregnancy test. In case of the latter I chose an alcohol-fre wine named “Fre”.

Wine Wedding Gift - 1st Anniversary -

1st Anniversary – Layer Cake

Traditionally a couple is to freeze a piece of their wedding cake and enjoy it on the night of their 1st Anniversary. Weather they do this or not, I thought that “Layer Cake” Sauvignon Blanc would be the best option.

Wine Wedding Gift - 5th Anniversary -

5th Anniversary – 5G

After five years I thought that their tastes in wine may have changed from a white to a red, so I chose a Five Generation Garnacha, suitably named 5G. Five years, five generations, it works in my eyes!

Wine Wedding Gift - 10th Anniversary -

10th Anniversary – 1,000 Stories

Oh the stories you can tell after 10 years of marriage. That is why I chose this 1,000 Stories Zinfandel.

Now if you are not as lucky to find perfectly suitable wines to match your celebrations, you could also purchase wines with a vintage year of the year the couple met, or was engaged. Or you can go with different varietals of your favorite brand, or if you know the recipient’s favorite brand… even better! However, if you do choose to go with the celebrations that I have mentioned you can click here and print out the labels I used. Simply print, cut, sign and done!

Like Wine, love gets better with age.

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