Candy Shoppe Birthday Party!

Candy Shoppe Birthday Party -

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It’s a Candy Shoppe Birthday! For each of my kids’ birthdays I picked something they liked and themed a party around it. For my little “Claire Bear”… she loves CANDY! And so was born the Candy Shoppe Theme.



Party Food -

So if you are a follower of Jayne’s Blog, you will know that she has some great recipes! A perk about my job is that I get to work with Jayne and she always helps me plan for the food! This year the party was at 2:00 so I did appetizers.


Bacon Wrapped Wieners

Bacon Wrapped Wieners -

I served Four Brothers Bacon wrapped around Coborn’s Signature Smokehouse Wieners that were covered in dark brown sugar… so yah… they were amazing. I used 2 packages of wieners and a little over 2 lbs. of bacon and about a cup of dark brown sugar which made two 9×13 pans. You simply cut the strips of bacon in half, wrap a ½ strip of bacon around a wiener and secure with a toothpick. Place in a glass baking dish and repeat until the pan is full. I did spray my pan with cooking spray beforehand, but don’t add any oil to grease the pan as the bacon will produce enough grease. I just wanted to make sure they didn’t stick so I figured a little Pam couldn’t hurt. Next you will sprinkle the wieners with brown sugar and bake for about 45-55 minutes at 350°F. Start watching them after 30 minutes to make sure they do not burn, it’s not really an exact science. The wieners are fully cooked so you are just watching to make sure the bacon is done. I kept them warm in a chafing dish and everyone LOVED them!

Veggie Tray

Veggie Tray -

I did make a quick veggie tray. I like making my own because I have a cool dish, but if you are pressed for time and want convenience, simply order a tray from the deli department. They do a great job!

Fresh Summer Salsa

Fresh Summer Salsa -

Here is another one of Jayne’s delicious recipes, Fresh Summer Salsa. I do not grow my own vegetables, but if you did this is a great recipe for you! I served it with Food Club Blue and White Corn Tortilla Chips and everyone really enjoyed it.

Pumpkin Fluff

Pumpkin Fluff -

Claire’s Birthday party was on October 16th, so it was the perfect time for pumpkin. I love pumpkin spice so I made Jayne’s Pumpkin Fluff. I served it with Teddy Grahams and Vanilla Wafers. It is a nice sweet treat for people to munch on before the cake. Speaking of cake….

The Cake

Candy Shoppe Cake -

I am so happy with how my cake turned out. I called Coborn’s Marketplace in Sartell on Pine Cone Road and told them I wanted a chocolate 4 layer 8” round cake themed with candy. It was so colorful and fun and I received so many compliments. Some people may not know that you don’t have to order out of the book at Coborn’s, I encourage you to talk to the cake decorator at your local Coborn’s, tell them your ideas and come up with a fun and original cake for your party.

Claire’s Candy Shoppe

Putting together this party was a lot of fun. I had a candy buffet, treat bags, crepe paper, tissue paper puffs and large sugar candies. When it came together it was amazing.

The Candy Buffet & Treat Bags

Candy Buffet -

First step… go to the store and buy a lot of candy. The good news for me is that her party was right before Halloween. I had a lot to choose from and all my leftovers become the candy I will hand out at Halloween, if I can manage to stay away from it for 2 weeks!

ContainersCandy Buffet Containers -

Once I arrived home, I went through my storage closet and found all of the containers I could to fill with candy. I had a candy buffet at my wedding 7 years ago, so I had a lot at my disposal, but you can find these types of dishes at your local craft store or you could use Mason Jars in different sizes from your local Coborn’s!

Get Creative

There are many options, get creative, if it can hold candy… use it. Perhaps you could use a vase, a clean fish bowl or in my case a decorative ball. Yes that’s right… a decorative ball. I was going to stick the suckers into a Styrofoam ball that was placed in a vase, but once I got to my local craft store I spotted a decorative ball and it spurred an idea. I LOVE how they turned out, I bought two small decorative buckets, two decorative greenery balls and turned them into sucker holders. These turned out to be so amazing because they added a different element to my candy buffet. If someone removed a sucker, it still looked cute. Once the party is over, they still make adorable decorations for the rest of the year.

Finishing Touches

To add a little more color, I did purchase some matching ribbon and wrapped it around a couple of the containers, just to add a little more interest and color.

Treat Bags

Candy Shoppe Treat Bags -

I love the Candy Shoppe theme because not only does it make an adorable theme, but then everyone gets to take a treat bag filled with candy home with them. I typically do a favor bag for all of the kids who attend, but this time they all got a candy bag, so what I saved from not buying favors I used to buy candy. Watch the video to see how I made the treat bags, and click here to print the pieces of artwork to attach to your bag. Once my bags were done I arranged them around the house to add décor and I also pinned some up by my candy buffet to create a little banner. Two birds… one stone!



Candy Shoppe Birthday Party -

If you have read any of my other blogs, you know that I love to use crepe paper and this party was no exception. I lined the wall in my kitchen/dining room with crepe paper, using small tacks. I then created my large sugar candies and tacked them on the wall as well. They looked adorable and were pretty easy to make. Watch the video and see how to make them! Then click here to print off the pieces you will need! I also created a couple tissue paper puffs and paired it with the rest of my many large sugar candies to make a cute decoration that hung from the dining room light. It was all adorable and the theme was complete with some scattered taffy around the table and matching plates, napkins and cups.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and were able to get some good ideas for your next party! Below are the links to all of the free printables. Be sure to watch the video for instructions.

Free Treat Bag Free Printables

Click here to download the Lime Green Bag Printable.

Click here to download the Purple Bag Printable.

Click here to download the Red Bag Printable.

Click here to download the Teal Printable.

Click here to download the Yellow Printable.

Click here to download the Pink Printable.

Candy Shoppe Birthday Party Free Printables - candyshoppe_bagart_purple candyshoppe_bagart_red candyshoppe_bagart_teal candyshoppe_bagart_yellowcandyshoppe_bagart_pink

Free Sugar Candy Printables

Remember to print two of each for a front and back!

Click here to download the Lime Green Sugar Candy Printable.

Click here to download the Purple Sugar Candy Printable.

Click here to download the Red Sugar Candy Printable.

Click here to download the Teal Sugar Candy Printable.

Click here to download the Yellow Sugar Candy Printable.

Click here to download the Pink Sugar Candy Printable.

Candy Shoppe Sugar Candy Free Printable Decoration - candyshoppe_candyart_3purple-1 candyshoppe_candyart_3red-1 candyshoppe_candyart_3teal-1 candyshoppe_candyart_3yellow-2candyshoppe_candyart_3pink-1

Free Candy Shoppe Logo Printable

Click here to download, edit and print the Purple, Lime Green and Red Candy Shoppe Logo Printable.

Click here to download, edit and print the Pink, Yellow and Teal Candy Shoppe Logo Printable.

candyshoppe_logo_redlimepurpleCandy Shoppe Logo Printable -

Party On!


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