New Local Brands to Love!

New Local Brands to Love! Naturally Close to Home with Rhonda

Happy New Year! What a perfect time to spotlight a few new local brands that we’ve added to the family.

My absolute favorite new line is Buddy’s Nut Butters.  Personally, I have always been a bit confused by chocolate nut butters, even though I am inBuddy's Nut Butters the food business.  What do you do with them?  Do I want chocolate toast before the Local Favorites: Buddy's Nut Buttersun rises?  Yes!  Now I do!  Buddy’s has three amazing flavors, Honey Peanut, Cinnamon Raisin and the mind blowing Chocolate Peanut.  I put that on toast (I hear adding strawberries puts it over the top), on raspberry bagels, and most often simply on a spoon.  When you’re looking for a little treat, it fills the bill and gives you protein and fiber as an added benefit from the peanuts.

Buddy’s Nut Butters are made by Buddy, also known as Andrew Kincheloe.  Imagine that.  He simply wanted to make a better nut butter and started working on that in his kitchen in Minneapolis.  Today his products are in over 300 retailers and Coborn’s is proud to be one of them.

While I am having that spoonful of Buddy’s, I might also grab some WholeMe Clusters.  They are a delicious grain free alternative to regular granola and snacks.  Available in three great flavors, Lemon Berry Chia is a favorite.  It’s full of coconut and cashews and really freshened up with a bit of real lemon zest.  Like Buddy’s, it was founded by Local Favorites: WholeMe Oat clusterspeople looking for something better to eat.  In this case, it was two women in St. Paul.  They were both looking for a snack to fuel their busy lives.  One was a pastry chef, so you know taste was a top priority!

Our most recent addition is suds! Bath and Body based in Prior Lake.  I love their story.  Founder Erin Seidl became alarmed when she starting reading the labels on her favorite skin care items.  She couldn’t recognize most of the ingredients, which was extra frightening since she is a chemical engineer!  Like our other great Minnesota entrepreneurs, she decided to take matters into her own hands, literally and launched her own skin care line. At that time, she was working for one of our favorite Minnesota companies creating delicious (and natural!) flavors for their popcorn.  Now she is able to focus all her time on her own growing company.

One of my favorite products is the Lotion Stick.  Somewhat resembling a round deodorant stick, it is lotion that is a solid and you simply rub it across your skin.  No mess and minimal effort when you aren’t quite awake yet and haven’t had your chocolate peanut butter yet.  The smell of Vanilla Almond is divine.

The bars of soap are wrapped in brown paper that contains wildflower seeds so you can plant it in your yard or garden.  Plus that means zero waste.  And it makes an extra nice gift.

All of these Minnesota companies were started by someone who had an idea for something better.  And we have the opportunity to support that can-do spirit of our neighbors, keeping our local economy thriving!


Coborn’s, Inc. Natural Foods Category Manager

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