October Speciality Beers

October Speciality Beers

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When people think of fall they think of hunting, fishing and football. I think of Oktoberfest beers. There are many good Oktoberfest beers out there, but I would like to give you some of my absolute favorites:

Surly Fest

Not a German style Oktoberfest Bier
Brewed with 3 different types of Rye and a single variety of American Hops. Malted Rye, Flaked Rye and Crystal Rye impart a distinctive biscuit flavor to the lush Vienna Malt body, and dry-hopping with Sterling Hops adds bright, floral hop aromas.


Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

A German-American collaboration on the classic festival beer
Sierra Nevada partnered with Brauhaus Riegele, one of the oldest breweries in Germany, to brew this classic fall seasonal.
New in 2015 this beer pours a deep gold color; the aroma is mostly sweet, bready malt. It tastes like a classic Oktoberfest, which is malty and sweet, but with a clean and crisp finish.


Odell Oktoberfest

Brewed with Munich and Vienna malts and herbal noble hops, this Oktoberfest was lagered for over eight weeks. The brew boasts a golden copper color and white head. Hints of biscut and graham cracker blend with a subtle hop spiciness and a touch of yeast in the aroma. The full and flavorful malt is balanced by a crisp finish.


Schell’s Oktoberfest

With its bright copper-orange color, it is quite symbolic of the autumnal shift of the season. A slightly higher strength, and warm malt body make it the perfect companion for the crisp fall weather in Minnesota. The use of Munich and Vienna malts give the beer its toasty malt backbone, and melanoidin-rich flavor and aroma. It has a soft malt sweetness, pleasant mouthfeel and a slight spiciness. Hop character is subdued, as the malt takes center stage with this beer.


Samuel Adams Oktoberfest

Boston Beer’s autumn seasonal is as reddish amber as the turning maple leaves, with a fruity aroma and a malty kick. This Oktoberfest blends hearty malts for a deep, smooth flavor with notes of caramel creating a brew that’s perfect for the season.



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