Beemster (Gouda) from Holland – June Cheese of the Month

Beemster (Gouda) from Holland - - Livin' on the Wedge with James

Well, we have another great cheese on special this month at our Coborn’s deli departments. The cheese is 18 month aged Beemster (Gouda) from Holland. The cheese will retail at $4.99* for approximately 7 oz. packages.

Beemster is perhaps one of my favorite aged Gouda cheeses from Holland. It has some nice caramel and toffee notes with crystallization. Beemster that is aged 4 months or longer is lactose free due to the conversion of lactose to lactic acid during the maturation process. Beemster itself pairs up well on a cheese platter with figs, dates, grapes, and walnuts.

Beemster cheese has its roots in a co-op that has been making cheese for over a century. Beemster itself is still made by stirring and raking the cheese curds by hand which is an artisan technique. The milk that is used for making Beemster comes from the Beemster Polder. The polder itself is located in northern Holland and is lush with rich pastures and blue clay. The chemistry (mineral content) of the blue clays actually affects the quality of the milk and yields milk that is sweet, with softer milk fats. The Beemster Polder itself was created in 1612 when Dutch engineers used a system of dykes as well as windmills to drain the marshes of the Polder. These marshes were drained and converted to lush pastures.

It is also worth mentioning that Beemster is a part of the Caring Dairy Initiative, which entails practicing sustainability from beginning to end. More precisely, sustainability is practiced right down to producing the milk.

Coborn’s Cheese Specialist

*Pricing is valid the month of June 2014 in Coborn’s stores.

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Livin' on the Wedge with James

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