April Cheese of the Month – Old Amsterdam Gouda

Old Amsterdam Gouda - Hard but smooth cheese meant to me eaten as is. Enjoy this cheese with a local ale or Belgium beer. www.cobornsblog.com

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We have a lot of new, exciting things and promotions going on at our Coborn’s Cheese Shops this month, like the April in Paris promotion. This month we invite you to stop in and try some of our delectable imported French cheeses, like Indulgent Brie, Port Salut, garlic and herb Le Roule, etc. We will be putting these on special.

We also have a great special on Old Amsterdam Gouda. Old Amsterdam can be bought at our deli dept. for $4.99 per 5.2 oz. wedge. Old Amsterdam cheese was created by the Westland family in the early 1930s and took much R&D, love, and passion to make it what it is today. Lambert Westland tried many recipes. He was in search of a recipe that would produce a cheese that was just as good as what his mother brought from the Jordaan District of Amsterdam. That cheese was slightly sweet, smooth and creamy.

Old Amsterdam is a cheese that is meant to be eaten as is or paired with something, although one could cook with it if they wanted to. Old Amsterdam has a unique flavor and texture. It is a mature cheese with some minor crystallization, a caramel appearance with a black rind. The cheese is hard but smooth and creamy with hints of caramel, toffee, sweetness, acidity, and a minor note of saltiness.

Old Amsterdam can be best enjoyed by pairing it with local ales and Belgium beers, buttery white wines like chardonnay, red port for dessert, and bold red wines like merlot, cabernet sauvignon, or a zinfandel.

Also, try pairing it up with rustic breads, fig cake, honey mustard, or a fruit chutney, etc.

– James
Coborn’s Cheese Specialist

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*Prices valid at Coborn’s locations the month of April, 2014.

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